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Air Pollution Facts: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

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Woodford, C. (February 16, 2017.). Air pollution. Explainthatstuff. Retrieved on 22 April 2017 from http://www.explainthatstuff.com/air-pollution-introduction.html

The article titled Air Pollution by Chris Woodford highlights the growing concerns brought about by the non-ending cases of air pollution. It refers to the release of harmful chemicals and gasses into the atmosphere making it dangerous for nature consumption. The rate of air pollution increases with the increase in the concentration level of these chemicals and gasses in the atmosphere. There are natural and human causes of air pollution. Natural causes include volcanic eruptions, gasses from radioactively decaying rocks and forest fires. On the other hand, human causes include burning of fossil fuels to release energy for domestic and industrial consumption, which emit greenhouse gas in the process. Humans have no means to prevent natural causes of pollution. However, there are adoptable mechanisms to control human causes such as treating industrial emissions before releasing them into the atmosphere. The other mechanism includes the utilization of clean fuels in vehicles to avoid air contamination. Air pollution has adverse effects on human health as well as on plants and vegetation. It causes lung disease like bronchitis among others. Developing countries are unfavorably affected by death as a result of air pollution with most deaths being premature deaths. It also blackens buildings and surfaces making them ugly. Air pollution is a slow killer making it hard to detect its effects early enough for treatment. Nevertheless, there is an increase in the practice of industrial agriculture which involves chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals cause air pollution and their precipitate on crops result in the production of low-quality crops. At times chemicals in the atmosphere mix with rain water to form acid rain which is destructive to plants and sea life. Air pollution has no boundaries as the atmosphere has no boundaries. Therefore, it spreads beyond regions and countries making it a global issue (Woodford, 2017).

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There is an increasing rate of health deterioration among humans with the cases of respiratory diseases increasing and becoming more complicated. Some of these diseases advance to cancer and drain people emotionally, financially and physically and eventually lead to death. Sadly, respiratory diseases take the time to develop with symptoms disappearing after medications only to reappear at more intense levels. This means by the time the illnesses are diagnosed they have reached a critical stage. Air pollution is the leading cause of these respiratory diseases, yet people are ignorant about their contributions to their demise. This article touches on the causes and effects of air pollution, therefore, helps one to understand the risks of small ignorant acts that accumulatively lead to the death of our loved ones and destruction of our environment.

Air pollution is a self-destructive habit caused by human ignorance as well as a consequence of irresponsibility. People are ignorant of the role they play in air pollution. Vehicle exhaust and industrial emissions have been on campaigns over the years, yet industries still emit chemicals and gasses into the atmosphere without taking the necessary precautions. It is not that people are not aware, but rather they just underestimate the consequences of their actions. They have the illusion that the cost of taking the necessary precautions is higher without considering the cost of curbing its effects.

Air pollution is an essential topic for people to understand and be aware of. Knowledge of this subject will enlighten those that are unaware of being more cautious about any actions that cause pollution as well as alert the ignorant about the possible effects of their ignorance. This topic also educates people on reasonable measures to take to reduce or prevent air pollution and how taking precaution will eventually translate to a better living environment. Biology and life sciences as a course aim at understanding biological systems and the life of both plants and animals. It explores the relationship between ecosystems and how they rely on each other. In the course of achieving its objective, it studies what affects biology and life on earth. Air pollution is evidently one of the main factors influencing biology and life, therefore, creating a relationship.

Air pollution is a necessary topic to study and understand so as to effect mechanisms that will curb it. It is becoming a major environmental issue for the globe as a whole not just a part of the world. This article summarizes the description, causes, and effects of air pollution helping people understand it. Hopefully, when people understand all these factors, they will be able to effect change and make the world a better place.

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