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How to Check If Someone Has a Criminal Record

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The US has one of the most thorough criminal reporting systems in the world. It is of the essence to state that their system contains all the types of criminal records that are legal under the law along with the information that they contain and even the different ways through which criminal backgrounds checks are conducted. It is advised that before employing someone of entrusting them with anything of importance, one should run a criminal background check for the said person that they are about to be involved with. Currently, in the US, criminal background checks are available for everyone since the said criminals are not subjected under the protected class. They can either be accessed online through legalized firms that provide such information or manually where one has to go to a courthouse and this at the county, state, and national levels. There are many benefits that come as a result of these searches as it is going to be reflected in the essay (criminalhistorychecks.com). 

Criminal records are usually criminal history checks and usually involve authentic court conviction records both at the misdemeanor and felony levels. The levels determine which kind of records are kept and this range from simple offenses which fall under the misdemeanors and offenders can serve from between five days I year in jail or sometimes no jail at all. The felonies are seen to be grave offenses such as murder or rape, and offenders usually serve more than one year in prison. Criminal records contain warrants, past arrests, dismissed and acquitted charges and current pending charges. These criminal records should however not be confused with police records since these are just bookings that might not have been determined by a court of law. Criminal checks can only be conducted with the applicant’s knowledge. It is important to run a background check so as to surely determine if you are deploying the right person for whatever duties you have in mind. The benefits of these checks are varied depending on the reason behind the urge to do so (criminalhistorychecks.com). 

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Employers always care about their businesses and places of their administrative duty and so when they employ workers, they tend to do so with great caution. A workplace can change from a good working environment to a toxic one sometimes without expectations, and so employers have to be careful who they employ and who they do not. Government agencies, medical professionals, and organizations where tenants are exposed to huge sums of money like banks have to run background checks on would-be employees. It would be out of order to hire someone who has been charged with harassment whether sexual or physical towards colleagues or a medical practitioner who has a history of mishandling patients. Though illegal, some privately owned companies in the US run secretive background checks once they decide to do so. 

No parent wants to admit their child in a school or institution that has a record of teachers who sexually harass or abuse students. Since they trust teachers and other staff with their children, a parent has all the legal jurisdiction to ensure that their child would be in safe hands. They can do by running a background check of certain teachers and staff just to make sure. Also, during admittance, some colleges, especially of law and medical professions, have a tendency to check the criminal record of the applicant. These are institutions that promote high ethical values, and if they are admitting, then they have to make sure the applicants don’t fall on the wrong side of the law. 

When adopting or fostering children, the agencies involved in such matters has to run a completely thorough check on applicants before entrusting any children with them. There have been cases where young boys and girls have been molested by their adoptive parents and so such checks are vital. The applicants’ sex offender registries have to be scrutinized to see whether they have previous cases involving sexual misconduct toward children. Other criminal cases like physical abuse have to be checked too 

It is a common thing that law enforcement agencies arrest people they deem as suspects to a certain crime or offense in the hope of getting the real perpetrator. To determine one, they usually do a background check on each suspect depending on the kind of crime that has been done. Suspects are usually arraigned and questioned regarding certain crimes depending on their history of said crime. A known serial killer who targets women will be first on the list of suspects if the body of a woman happens to be found in or near their area of style. Running a background check helps to link the murder with the suspect's pattern and determine their guilt or innocence. 

Landlords are another bunch that does need to run criminal checks. Throughout they accommodate different types of tenants without actually knowing what kind of people they are. It is advised that one has to run a background check of new tenants so as to avoid unnecessary confrontation in the future. One of the most important pieces of information available for the landlord is the tenant's criminal history or otherwise the sex offender registry. As a landlord, one cannot admit a tenant that has a history of breaking into people’s houses for example. This would pose a potential security threat to other tenants, something that would cause the loss of would be tenants for fear of such. It is human nature that we tend to dissociate with what we deem as risky and dangerous, and in order for a landlord to have a healthy line of tenants, they have to run such checks to keep the system flowing. Other important checks that could somewhat be recorded as criminal in terms of tenants are consumer credit reports it is one of the most important things since it provides a landlord with the necessary information about loans and payments including any kind of actions taken by issuers. The landlord is also able to get information about the tenant’s rental history. He/she is able to know if the new tenant has had eviction problems with former landlords. 

Criminal background checks can be done in the case of other things such like when purchasing firearms. The federal law demands that felons should not own or even purchase firearms. This, however, can be different for some felons depending on the circumstances. In some states, felonies are usually not allowed to vote although some of those go ahead to restore said privilege after the convict has met required demands e.g. parole or jail time. It is also noteworthy to say that in matters property rental, one has to do a criminal check for the obvious reason of dodging a bullet. You want to know who you are renting your property to and be able to trust that it will be well taken care of in your absence. 

Running criminal checks is important in that it provides the assurance that one needs in a particular person. The law in the US provides that any interested party can run a criminal check although with the permission of the subject. It is important to say that the same law warns against treating people with the same criminal records differently because of their race, sex or religion. Even though important, those checking are urged not to check beyond the limited number of years which is 7 years for the law only provides a background check of up to this period. In the year 2016 however, a new law called Ban-the-Box was implemented meaning that new screening measures will have to be undertaken by those checking criminal records since marijuana has been made illegal in some states such as California (criminalhistorychecks.com). 


"From Arrest Records To Police Records To Criminal Records To Felony Convictions.". Criminalhistorychecks.Com , 2017, http://www.criminalhistorychecks.com/about-criminal-police-records-arrest-records-felony-convictions/. 

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