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How to Conduct a Needs Assessment

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Challenges in Writing Questions 

One of the major challenges in writing the question was how to be as specific as possible. Normally, the result questions ought to be simple, specific, and realistic. I found myself struggling to ensure that the questions were relevant and easier for the target groups (students and teachers) to understand. The second challenge was that of determining the most relevant questions for the needs assessment. Most of the questions were based on the assumptions of the challenges that the target group could be experiencing. While the questions are relevant to the challenges facing small group counseling in schools, they might not help in addressing the need in a specific school. However, I was able to overcome the challenge by designing questions that address different challenges of group counseling. Some of the areas I explored included the correlation between school counseling and academic performance. Additionally, I focused on the relationship between school counseling and behavior change. With different questions, it is expected that I will be able to establish the actual needs affecting the schools. Thirdly, most of the questions had predetermined responses. They required a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses. This kind of responses limit the amount of information that the responses can provide. Despite the challenges, it is expected that the findings will help in establishing the importance group counseling in schools and academic performance. 

Use of Results to Determine Topics 

The results will help in determining the actual needs in the school. From the results, I will be able to come up with several topics and counseling gaps that need to be addressed. For instance, one of the questions aimed at establishing if the counselors in the school are professional. Another question focused on the relationship between counseling and behavior change. Additionally, another question sought to establish if the school administration provides all the relevant materials to enhance group counseling in schools. It is expected that the results to the study will provide a clear picture about the state of group counseling in the school and whether it has any importance. The findings might be used in the formulation of school policies on counseling as well as allocating more resources towards the same. However, because of the limited resources in the school, only the most pressing needs will be addressed. 

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Summary of Articles 

Brigman & Campbell (2003) conducted a study with an aim of establishing the relationship between group counseling and academic performance in school. The study involved several schools, with the main target population being students. The researchers relied on the students’ academic records in school before and after the small group counseling. The findings indicated a relationship between small group counseling and academic performance. According to Brigman & Campbell (2003), the positive academic performance was attributed to improved self-efficacy as a result of counseling. Counseling helps students, especially the weaker ones to become more confident and believe that they can make it. It motivates students to work harder and remain positive about their performance. The small group counseling also helps students share their academic experiences. The study also established that that counseling in school is faced with a number of challenges. Firstly, the ratio between students to counselors is too large. One school counselor has to provide services to hundreds of students, which sometimes affect the effectiveness of counseling outcomes. Secondly, there is a general unwillingness amongst the school administrators to increase the resources that can enhance the small group counseling. It seems that a significant number of administrators are yet to embrace counseling as an integral part of school programs. 

In another study, Cheek, Bradley, Reynolds, & Coy (2002) conducted a study to examine how the group counseling helped in reducing anxiety among the students and how that affected the academic performance. The results indicated that there was a correction between group counseling and the alleviation of anxiety among the students. Anxiety is a common problem among students. It is attributed to the pressure to perform well, either to please the parents or stand a better chance of proceeding to the next level. Anxiety affects learning and performance. Most of the students who experience anxiety do not performance well. The small group counseling provides a platform where students can share about their fears and experiences in school. As students express themselves, the anxiety subsides. The counselor also applies counseling skills to restructure the students’ thought process. Cheek, Bradley, Reynolds, & Coy (2002) indicated that sometimes the anxiety comes because of the negative attitudes of students towards their capability and performance. The attitude change helps the students to remain positive, overcome the external pressure to performance, and to have a sense of control. With that, students are able to enhance their academic performance. 

Sohrabi & Mohammadi (2013) did a study with an aim of examining how group counseling led to problem solving and self-efficacy among the students. The study also demonstrated how problem-solving skills and self-efficacy helped in improving the academic performance. The findings were consisted with that of the above studies. Sohrabi & Mohammadi (2013) were able to link self-efficacy among students to counseling. Secondly, the study also demonstrated that the behavior and attitude change helped students to become better problem solvers. Students also gained life skills. The change in behavior helped in the reduction in the incidences of bullying as well as school dropout rate. Therefore, Sohrabi & Mohammadi (2013) advocated for more resources towards enhancing group counseling in schools. 

Link between hypothetical findings and Articles 

The needs assessment findings are consistent with that of the above articles. The findings indicated a relationship between small group counseling and positive change among students. The positive behavior changes on the other hand led to positive academic performance. However, the finding also indicated that while counseling has positive outcomes, school administrators have not provided all relevant resources to increase its effectiveness. For instance, most of the counselors experience fatigue due to the high number of students they have to meet. Therefore, the findings demonstrate the validity and reliability of the study. The implication of the study is the need to improve the state of group counseling in schools. The group counseling should become an integral part of school programs. That means more resources ought to be allocated towards school counseling to increase the number of counselors and to provide all the relevant materials. 


Brigman & Campbell (2003). Helping students improve academic achievement and school success behavior. Professional School Counseling,7, 91-98; 

Cheek, J.R., Bradley, L.J., Reynolds, J. & Coy, D. (2002). An intervention for helping elementary students reduce test anxiety. Professional School Counseling, 6(2), 162-164 

Sohrabi, R. & Mohammadi, A. (2013). Effectiveness of Group Counseling with Problem Solving Approach on Educational Self-Efficacy Improving. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences Volume 84, 9 July 2013, Pages 1782-1784 

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