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Various Ways to Convey Information to the People

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In the society, a relay of information is one of the essential things that will encourage peaceful coexistence among the people. There are various ways in which this information can be conveyed to the people. Various cultures have their ways of expressing information either verbally or non-verbally. The role of this essay is to elucidate on the relay of information by use of words, verbal and non-verbal cues in different cultures and the implication they have on the behaviors of people.

In childhood, there is an attitude that the name given to an object is what the object means. For instance, when we talk of a table, the thinking here is that the object “table” is what the word means. However, this is arbitrary. There is no natural connection between the utterance TA-BLE and the object (Slavin & Davis, 2006). Furthermore, to prove this, people in the world are having their different names that they use to refer to the object. It, therefore, means that the object can be expressed in various names when making reference to it. It is, therefore, an absolute prove that there is no connection between the word “table” and the object.

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Use of words can as well define the behavior of someone. It is important to think before speaking. Words have both connotative and denotative meaning. The dictionary provides the denotative meaning of words. On the other hand, connotative meaning of words is more suggestive and subjective. The type of words to use therefore is something of great concern. One should be able to choose the words wisely before using. Some words may bring a negative implication on someone when used. For instance, if someone likes talking he can be referred to be “talkative.” However, a reference to the person can be made in different ways. If the individual would be referred as a “windbag” or “chatter-box,” it would connote negative qualities. It would, therefore, bring a negative implication to the person being referred to (Robin, 2012). Whereas these negative connotations can be a significant impediment to effective communication, it would also impact on the behavior of a person. The wrong choice of the connotations will bring a negative thought on the people. The cause of the wrong choice is probably the failure to think first before using the word. The implication here is that the person using the word is careless and therefore means that his behavior is reckless.

According to Levitt, verbal communication explores various ways in which information can be expressed. Through verbal communication, different things can be described in detail which aids in delivering the information conclusively. Through the use of verbal communication, various feelings can be expressed which also helps in the expression of the information. Socializing is also brought about by verbal communication. Through this, people will also be able to share information.

The argument made by Bevan and Sole that communication skills can be improved in an awesome way through the use of the non-verbal cues is indeed true. Non-verbal communication expresses the thinking of a person. Information is therefore obtained from it. For instance, when somebody leans forward while standing, there is an expression of interest. The meaning here is that probably the person receiving the information accepts what is being said and willing to take part in it. Conversely, if one leans backward, the suggestion here is that the person is not interested with whatever is being expressed or conveyed.

Non-verbal cues, on the other hand, play a significant role in building trust among people. For example, eye contact well defines this. For instance, when there is reluctance for someone to make eye contact with somebody else, there is an expression of lack of trust from the person (Prendinger, Mori & Ishizuka, 2005). Alternatively, if the person holds the eye contact for too long, he shows that he is untrustworthy. Leading with head also demonstrates a lack of confidence. There is no good message also conveyed when one leans on his pelvis. The aim should be on the heart posture.

Culture plays a critical role in defining gender and the roles of gender. Bevan and sole make the contention that culture is normative. The meaning brought here is that culture gives rules concerning how people should be behaving. It creates norms in the society on how people should be interacting with others. There is enormous pressure exerted from the community on how people should conform to the way of doing things in different cultures. There are ways that can be used to improve intercultural communications. Based on the cultures of different people, they do things in certain ways. One of the assumptions that should be removed is the thinking that a particular way of communicating applies universally to all communities. Some communities use signs that may not be applicable in some other communities. It is prudent therefore to avoid the assumptions.

Another way of improving interpersonal communication is through the involvement of others. By involving others in communication, they will be able to learn for instance about the non-verbal cues that are used by the community and therefore improve communication. The American culture has in a way looked over other cultures when they just uphold the use of their language in communication. For example, the aim of the White settlers was to eliminate the utilization of the native language. What should be avoided is this kind of “head mentality” so that other cultures are also treated equally.

Gender has shaped the society through the use of language. Studies on how sexism is embedded into language have been done by scholars in various disciplines including those in linguistics, psychology, communication and sociology. The use of the phrase “you guys” shows some double standard and therefore there is unfairness on the women. Also calling a mixed sex group “gals” or “guys” to a group of all women shows some unfairness. Suggestions also have been made on how to make interpersonal and written communication more inclusive and effective. The reasons for the consideration of this non-gendered language are through fairness, identification and expanding the audience (Rosner, Halcrow & Levins, 2001). There are terms that need to be abandoned since their use excludes women. The effect that this has on communication is that it affects the relationship that exists among the people. The choice of words, therefore, is one of the important things that should be considered in expressing information. The wrong selection of words impacts on the behaviors, and it is necessary to examine the appropriateness and the effectiveness of words and phrases before use.

In conclusion, to ensure good understanding among the people good communication skills should be applied. Verbal and non-verbal cues play a significant role in the relay of information. People should also ensure good choice of words to use in communication to enhance good understanding.


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