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How to Make a Hologram

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The key idea behind the formation of holograms is that light from a stabilized laser meets the reflected light from the object that is illuminated and the interference pattern is recorded. Therefore, the big thing to be done is to set up the laser, the object and the recording film or plate. The set up should effectively allow for the light interference pattern to be captured well. The laser, object or the film should not be moved or disturbed as any disturbance on any of them lead to a formation of a distorted image or no image at all. When the laser, the object and the film plate are well set, the next thing to do is to just focus the light, record the interference pattern and view the three-dimensional image. 

There are different types of holograms. The white light reflection hologram is often the simplest to make (Kugler, 2015). For instance, it is often formed through the contact copy method. Through this method, the holographic plate is leaned against the object and light interference is recorded. However, there should be no vibration or movement of any of the three elements as this would lead to the distortion of the ultimate image. The transmission hologram is formed when the light from a laser is split to form an object beam and a reference beam. Therefore, the light from the object beam and the reference beam form the interference pattern on the film. The image formed can be easily viewed as it is three-dimensional. The rainbow holograms use the same process as in the formation of the white light reflection hologram. However, rainbow holograms are designed to be viewed under white light illumination rather than laser light. The recording process in the formation of rainbow hologram uses a horizontal slit to eliminate vertical parallax in the final image. Therefore, the rainbow holograms are often without any spectral blur common with the other types of holograms. When a viewer moves up and down in front of a rainbow hologram perceives varying spectral colors rather than different vertical perspectives. The viewing of all the types of holograms should be done when the viewer stands at the optimal distance. When this is the case, a viewer will perceive no distorted images. 

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Holograms are three-dimensional images formed when light from a laser or any other light source is interfered. The light interference pattern is recorded and thus the realization of different three-dimensional images (Choi, 2015). The holograms come in different types. For instance, there are the rainbow holograms, white light reflection holograms and the transmission hologram among others. There are many uses of holograms. For instance, holograms feature in movies and tend to make them more interesting. However, the use of holograms in movies has not been well developed. 


Choi, H., Lim, S., Jeon, Y. & Lee, K. (2015). An Effective Implementation Scheme of a Layer Overlay Representation of a Hologram Video Technology in an M2M Application Environment. Cluster Computing, 18 (2), 637-646. 

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