7 Jul 2022


How to Prevent and Respond to Online Bullying

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The massive increase in the use of digital and technology devices over the past years has seen a corresponding increase in online bullying. Online bullying has the victims experience the same effects that patients with traditional bullying such as anxiety, loneliness, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The negative outcomes associated with online bullying calls for prevention and response from parents, school administrators, law enforcement, and Facebook employees. 

Parents and school administrators can play a big role in the prevention of online bullying through supervision of their children. Parents should know the technology that the children use and set limits about using the technology responsibly. Parents and school administrators should also guide their children how to use the technology safely and in a manner that does not undermine other users. Children should be taught that the same rules of traditional bullying apply to the digital world. The ethical use of technology and digital citizenship should be taught to the students (Cassidy et al., 2018). Teaching students about cyber bullying should make them more responsible with the use of technology. 

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A proper response for cyber bullying can be realized through the raising of awareness. Raising awareness would involve having parents, school administrators, and law enforcement organize online bullying topics in their communities. The awareness program could be in the form of an education that teaches students about the legal and psychological ramifications of bullying. Law enforcement should also be trained regarding the difference between dangerous and annoying communication (Englander, 2017). The law enforcement should be ready to respond to an online bullying crime by having the correct investigative approach. 

Facebook employees can also play a big role in the prevention and response of cyberbullying through the use of programs and tools that track offensive content. Facebook should implement tools that can search, track, identify offensive words and block them (Silva et al., 2018). In case they identify a user that engages in online bullying, their account should be suspended and the matter reported to the law enforcement. 


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