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How to Write a Character Analysis: Common Methods

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Finding the factors that lead to how an individual behaves is a complicated process which needs a lot of detailed studies. In the three studies carried out which include Luis et al., Gagne & Saudino and that of Schmidta et al., (2010) all the scholars have tried to point out the different factors that affect the demeanor of an individual. Despite the details that all the studies have shown, it is in my view that Luis et al. provides the most outstanding evidence than the other scholars. The authors of this report carefully analyze the behavior of an individual about the surrounding factors and how these factors can affect the demeanor of that person. His paper discusses how the genetics and the surrounding conditions of a person can influence the temperament of a person. This theory is convincing and provides a reasonable ground to the behavior of a person because it is true that environment in which a person lives in and the hereditary factors can influence an individual in a big way. These factors make the study biased. 

The main strengths of this study are in the way in which the chemical composition of an individual such as the DRD4Alele gene is linked to the experiences and other human biological systems. It is with the variability among these components in humans that people have different temperaments and behaviors. However, the study despite its expert revelation of how people are endowed with different capabilities has some limitations. The study mainly focuses on children and, therefore, the behavior of older people about their temperament and behavior cannot be ascertained. Moreover, the study carried out only focused on a small number of children taken from one geographical location as opposed to millions of children from different geographical locations all around the world who could be sampled to make a perfect study. The questions that need to ask before one makes decision about the validity of the results is the effect the environment will have on people who are more than 48 months. 

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