25 Jun 2022


Emotional Intelligence Short Exercise and Discussion Active Listening

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Giving full attention is among the most essential elements of a good listener and is thus crucial in communication. Active listening usually entails listening with all senses and thus shows the speaker that one is fully interested in communicating with them. Giving a person full attention ensures that no information is missed via the communication process, and it also makes one feel that they are engrossed in the communication. Giving full attention via active listening makes the speaker very audible even if there are background noises because all senses are concentrated on one individual while the background noises are filtered out. It also becomes easier to process information in a quick manner, and thus one can easily develop comprehensive replies to questions and also provide valid and factual counterarguments on the issue being discussed. In the same manner, one can avoid any forms of distraction such as veering off into imagination and ‘day-dreams.’ 

One of the things that I learned with active listening is that it is a more democratic form of communication because active listening, in contrast to passive listening, involves responses that demonstrate that one understands what the other individual is communicating. In addition, with active listening, it is easier to go deeper into topics and come into new realizations, and I believe active listening is essential in a brainstorming session because it enables individuals to exchange ideas quickly and effectively. One of the most important things about active listening is that it tends to build more robust relationships with individuals because it entails a myriad of crucial communication elements such as empathy, patience, understanding, and attention. Therefore, I believe everybody should practice active listening so that they can be able to reap its benefits and become effective communicators. 

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