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How Worldviews Are Formed

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Worldview refers to how individuals perceive life and the world as a whole. Specifically, worldview is the assumptions that people make about what constitutes of the world. Notably, people often have different perception about the world. It is argued that how a person views the world depend on the vision of the individual. This implies that the interpretive lens possessed by each help in making sense of life as well as comprehend the world around people (Samples, 2017). The essay explores various aspects related to the meaning and development of the worldview. The paper identifies various aspects of the worldview and explains the role of culture as well as spirituality on the worldview. In essence, it provides details that define how worldview is formed and provides the relevant factors that can determine the development of the worldview. 

The worldview can be influenced by different aspects of life that include the knowledge, origin, identity, location, morals, values, predicament, resolution and destiny among others. Moreover, the worldview should adequately define and provide answers to these aspects of life. Each person perceives the aspect of life in a different way, and this contributes to the difference in the worldviews. Additionally, the aspects of life that an individual accepts can also be influenced by several factors that include culture, religion, and beliefs. 

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Many factors play critical role towards the development of the worldview. Notably, culture is identified as a major factor that plays a significant role towards the development of the views and perceptions of a person concerning the world (Samples, 2017). Culture defines the immediate environment of an individual with regards to many elements such as beliefs, values, traditions, morals and practices. People who come from the same cultural background often share many things such as beliefs and traditions. It is these beliefs, traditions, and values attached to a particular culture that determines how a person views the world. For instance, an individual who is connected to the African culture will have a different perception of a person who ascribes to the western culture. This is because these people are from different backgrounds and have traditions and beliefs that are distinct from each other. The difference in the values and beliefs associated with the respective culture provides the primary basis for determining the worldview. Culture can also determine the worldview by defining what is right or wrong. In any society, culture has a set of rules that governs the behavior of individuals. As such, people can have a worldview based on what they perceive as right or wrong.

Spirituality is another factor that can determine the development of the worldview. Essentially, spirituality is guided by the religious affiliation of an individual. Various religions provide spiritual guidance to people. Some of the popular religions include the Jewish, Christians, Muslim, Judaism and Buddhism among others. Religion determines the behaviors and beliefs of people. Just like culture, religion can guide the behavior of a person as well as determine what is right and bad. Accordingly, religion can define the shape that an individual worldview takes (Samples, 2017). Mostly, religions are associated with a set of teachings and doctrines that their members adhere to and follow. These set of principles can shape the perception of a person with regards to different issues in the world. For example, Christians believe in Jesus while Muslims believes in Allah. Although the two religions believe in the existence of God, they have different arguments on some of the teachings. The differences in their teachings lead to their differences when it comes to the interpretation of the world.


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