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The Importance of Presence in the Community

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Over the recent years, law enforcement officers have been trying to improve their relationships with the communities. It has been a result of public demonstrations due to the police officers’ misconduct within the neighborhoods. Developing associations between the public and law enforcement are significant to ensure trust. Some news articles contain news on police officers developing relations with the communities they are serving. I feel that the efforts being made by the law enforcement officers are quite imperative in making the communities feel safe, and most importantly, preventing crimes. Law enforcement has been developing positive relationships through various strategies like developing their trust with the communities and making a door-to-door visit to their neighborhoods. 

I would respond to their efforts by volunteering to help the police officers carry out their duties, such as doing clerical jobs, helping them with search, patrolling to provide the law enforcement with more visibility, and reporting graffiti such as those concerning racism. Volunteering to help the police officers is important and would provide me with a chance to do something worthwhile in my free time and make a difference to law enforcement and my community. Besides, it would make me a part of policing that has the interest and needs of my community at heart. Also, it will help increase an understanding between my community and the police officers and hence improve their trust. Building trust will enable the police officers to better relate with the diverse communities and develop an outreach to reduce crimes. 

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Besides, I would serve in the citizen advisory board to help advise and help the communities implement proper strategies to minimize crime and disorders, change the community perception, and develop positive engagements. This would help them improve their coordination with the communities and have an easy time dealing with criminal offenses in the community. Advising people on the importance of partnership with the police officers in maintaining law and order will help the community change their negative beliefs about the law enforcement officers and improve the community support to collaboration (Cummings, 2019) . Serving on the advisory board would provide me with an opportunity to conduct research, develop new ideas, and provide informed suggestions to my community regarding public practices and policies. 

Through the police and community collaborations, I would make the efforts to be forwarding my compliments or complaints to the police departments. I would share a positive interaction with the police officers. Additionally, I would let their seniors of the great efforts the officers make to improve their relationship with the community members. However, if there is a question or a complaint, I would send them to the police department to notify them of their officers’ misconduct. Cook (2021) states that the law enforcement efforts to collaborate with the community should address the problems and devise their solutions. Associating with the police officers should be truthful and create a condition whereby all people listen to each other, build compassion, find commonalities, and develop ways to move forward together. 

I would also participate in the police collaborative efforts by taking part in the neighborhood watch. This would help the police officers in maintaining public safety by joining the neighborhood watch groups. Joining the group will help collaborate with officers in minimizing the risks of frauds, individual assaults, vandalism, and home burglaries. Coordinating with the police officers will help build the community trust, minimize their force on the people, and change the police behaviors (Norwood, 2020) . It will also aid the officers in providing them with the information they need to resolve community issues. Additionally, it will show proof to the police department that our neighborhood has guards to help them detect criminal offenses and notify them of any suspicious activity. Moreover, it will help provide an opportunity to address public concerns and enable the community to partner with the police to solve issues. 

Lastly, I would help the police officers promote their collaboration with the community to create a meaningful impact on serving the community. I would be motivated by helping the law enforcement officers in building a positive culture in my community. My urge to reduce the crime rates in the community would drive me into collaborating with the police officers. After growing in my community and understanding the distresses that people go through, I would help the police department understand the root causes of the issues. I feel that people should be secure while walking around the neighborhoods. Also, I would take part in the policy interventions to help police develop a positive perception in the community. I want the police officers to develop their relationship with the community and improve public participation towards maintaining law and order in the neighborhoods. I have always perceived police officers as individuals who have the urge to help other people, which I feel is very important to me. In my community, I think that people can respect and trust the police officers, and I would want to contribute to rebuilding the relationship. Building a positive police presence can help the community develop trust and live better and safer lives. 

Making people feel secure and safe would foster me to collaborate with the police in supporting collaboration in the community. I believe that police officers are meant to protect people and ensure their neighborhoods are safe. Thus, I would join hands with the police to help the community understand the law and how to responds to respond to situations in the neighborhoods. I would also want to promote internal diversity and help the community and police understand and accept the differences in personality, race, religion, and gender to help reduce the incidences of discrimination. Developing relationship between the community and police officers helps in providing efficient policing and ensuring public safety. The collaboration helps provide the officers with relevant information about criminal offenses within the neighborhoods and enables the community to coordinate with the police in solving the crimes. 


Cook, J. (2021, April 29). A ‘game changer’ for police-community relations. U.S News . https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-04-29/changing-the-game-to-improve-police-community-relations 

Cummings, M. (2019, September 16). Study finds community-oriented policing improves attitudes toward police. Yale News . https://news.yale.edu/2019/09/16/study-finds-community-oriented-policing-improves-attitudes-toward-police 

Norwood, C. (2020, September 18). Calls for reform bring renewed focus to community policing, but does it work? PBS News . https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/calls-for-reform-bring-renewed-focus-to-community-policing-but-does-it-work 

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