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Immigration Laws in the United Kingdom and the United States

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Countries around the globe have diverse and varying policies depending on the clauses specified in their respective constitutions. The following study shows that the UK has relatively strict laws unlike the United States with a great focus on immigration. Notably, both countries are democratic despite the existence of different kinds of leadership. For example, United Kingdom has a prime minister and the queen as the figures of authority. However, the Queens position is democratic and has political influence in the country. The president heads the government in the United States. It is clear that the two nations have varying immigration policies. The US is one of the leading countries in cultural diversities in the globe. Ideally, United States is the land of immigrants and has more space that can accommodate the immigrants as compared to the UK. This essay seeks to explore the difference in the immigration policies between UK and United States.

Notably, the immigration policies in the United States are less strict compared to that of UK. The difference is apparent regarding the treatment of spouse in the two countries. In the UK, it is a complicated procedure for a couple to acquired citizenship in the UK (Clayton 2014). For example, there are added requirements for a UK citizen to take a non-European spouse to the UK. It latest policies specify the minimum income and the duration of the employment. Notably, for the spouse to have a legal permit to leave as UK citizens because of their marriage, he/she must have a minimum income of 18,600 euros per year. Additionally, the spouse must have worked in the UK for at least six months. Ideally, failure to meet the requirements the spouse is denied citizenship in the UK (Bassiouni 2014).

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Often, people wishing to relocate to the UK do not meet the minimum income requirement hence, few immigrants to the UK. On the other hand, the immigration law in the United States is less strict compared to that of the United Kingdom. Ideally, in the United States, there is a need for an affidavit to prove the identity of the person wishing to become a citizen. In essence, there is minimum income requirement that will prevent the majorities who are job seekers. Additionally, the government does withhold social benefits for the immigrants (Clayton 2014). It apparent from the Constitution of the United states that all the children born in the within the country are citizens by birth. However, the case is different for the United Kingdom. In Britain, though the child may have been born within the country, it is a requirement that the mother is citizens for the newborn to be legible.

Evidently, the scholarships offered to foreign students in the UK have the successful candidates to sign an agreement regarding the return to the country after the studies. Recently, the UK has made a strategy to kick off the non-UK students immediately after graduations. The aim of the home secretary is to have zero foreign students in the UK. The case is unique in United States where the country values the highly skilled personnel (Clayton 2014). Notably, the government of the United States does plan to force people out of the country. As seen in the strategies of super power retentions, the country has nothing to do with chasing the intellects. The flexibility in the immigration laws regarding the graduates is evidence in the type of visas in the country. In essence, the F1 students’ visas have an allowance of 60 days grace period while the H-1B graduates have to a grace period of one year after graduation.

Notably, the UK is selective given that they accepted the foreign professionals in the country. The policy regarding the importations of labors with a specific skill is detailed. For example, the UK accepts neonatal intensive care nurse and no other ordinary nurses (Bassiouni 2014). The visa acquisition procedures for the category of nurses are simpler while the ordinary nurses are denied the visas. The case in the United States is different in there is specific job specific qualifications. The philosopher that drives the country in the United States is distinct from that of the UK. Ideally, the US government views the immigration beyond that which the other countries perceive. For example, the diversity in the United States is valuable. The country perceives and opportunity in the diversity in the country. The retentions rates of the highly skilled individuals are relatively higher than that in many countries (Clayton 2014).

Notably, UK does not have much interference from the interest groups and the elites. Ideally, the governorship in the country is under the cover of the European Union policies. Evidently, most of the immigrants in the UK comprises students and the individuals from the within Europe. Apparently, the EU under door policy gives the passports to the chosen immigrants. On the other hand, in the United States, the political intervention in the immigration policy is high. This explains why the Constitution of the United States (Bassiouni 2014). Notably, the elite in the United States has a stake in the different affairs of the country. The proposal for reforms from the interest groups and the elites influence the political realm in the United States. Recently, there is a rising concern regarding the privacy laws in the United States. The interventions of the elites and the interest groups have made the whole thing loud.

In conclusion, it is clear from the essay that the immigration policy in UK and United States differ regarding strictness. The United Kingdom restricts immigration and thus the acquisitions of Visas are complicated. The United States, on the other hand, have flexible immigration laws. The country encourages the retentions of the graduates as opposed to the UK.


Bassiouni, M. C. (2014). International Extradition: United States Law and Practice . New York: Oxford University Press

Clayton, G. (2014). Textbook on Immigration and Asylum Law . New York: Oxford University Press

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