Write About Your Family Essay With Examples

Probably, everyone had an assignment to write a short essay on family in English. It can be a straightforward essay for school or a more complicated text for college classes. A short essay about family is usually a part of an ice-breaker activity or introduction for new classmates. It sounds very familiar, but do we know how to create an excellent text? Our service offers free examples of such essays. There is no way to copy someone's text, as we all have unique families, and we need to tell personal stories in the text. But it is possible to learn a lot from other examples!

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17 Sep 2023

Family as the Most Important Agent of Socialization

Around 1985, President Reagan in his state of the union address said that as the family goes so does the concept of civilization. Sociologists have considered the family as a form of a cell, making up the society and...

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Does Facebook increase family estrangement?

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Family and Community Health

Role of community/public health Partnerships One of the key roles of such partnerships is related to awareness creation, specifically on the issues pointed out to be affecting the subjects. Specifically, it is...

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The Nuclear Family: Definition, History & Importance

The nuclear family structure consists of two parents (Mr. and Mrs. Bob) and four children: fifteen-year-old Claire, thirteen-year-old Martin, and Sheila, a two-year-old. For the five member-family, they form lifelong...

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A family health assessment was conducted on the Tumulak family to explore areas of improvement for healthy lifestyles changes. Gordon’s health pattern assessment was utilized, the information collected was able to...

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About My Family Essay Samples for Free

How to find a good sample of short essay about my family? Is it even possible to use someone's text as a reference? Let's be honest – each family is unique. But how to use samples for your own paper? 

  • Find inspiration from a good structure. 
  • Add some interesting facts about your relatives, as it was done in the sample. 
  • Learn the formatting rules and stylistics of different writing types. 

Do not hesitate to search about my family sample essay. We have a great database to check. All our samples are free, can be used by everyone, and are accessible from any location. 

Great Family Essays for Your Inspiration

Find “my family essay in English pdf” documents on our platform. It will make your work easier. Before starting to look for a good sample, let's outline what students need to include in a text. It can be "Me and my family essays" or "My siblings" text. It is possible to write about your grand-grand parents or about your little brother. In fact, you will define the essential topic for your writing at the very beginning. 

But before jumping into writing a small family essay, you need to be clear with structure, type of required text, your target audience, and even specific school requirements. 

Check samples of good text we have in our database!

Family Essay Examples for Successful Writing

Remember your first example of essays about family. Was it in the first grade? Or was it a short introduction in English class? Or do you get a task to write about your parents and siblings for theater class? There are a million options to work with this specific topic. And we are sure you don't want to use cliche phrases. 

The topic is challenging because it's too general and too personal at the same time. But our database will be an excellent start for any grade.

We have various options for different levels of students. Use “my family essay example for kids”, who are just learning to write their first texts. Or find essay examples about family for grad students. It is also possible that students need to look at specific social theories by telling personal stories.

Get Good Grades With Family Essays for School!

Look at “my family essay” in English for different levels. There is no vast difference in content, but they will definitely differ in length and argumentation base. 

Family essays for elementary students vs. high students will see some differences. We start with the most basic text and move to complicated research in college. Even if you are working with a paragraph on my family for 5th grade, you need to understand writing principles.

From our practice, this topic is trendy for any age. It will be the first writing task for the introduction in most schools. That is why we found it essential to speak about each grade, define the possible length of text, and accept what to cover in your writings. In the following paragraphs, we collect the recommendations for each school grade. 

My Family Essays for Elementary School

Working with my family essay is a complicated task. Start with introducing everyone in a short form. You will spend a few hours on my family essay 100 words text in most cases.

What to write about? Describe your relatives in general. Do you have brothers or sisters? How old are they? Where are your parents working? After that, describe yourself. Maybe, you have something the same with all members. It can be a small mole in your hand or a love for cats. Be creative! There is no need to build complicated text. Use small sentences and more details. 

My Family Essay for Middle School

In my family paragraph for middle school, you already can expand the term description. Moreover, in my family essay containing 200 words tell more about each member. Maybe, you want to tell your teacher and classmates about your grandparents? Or about your cousin who you met only twice in life. 

Remember that this is your personal story. We offer many examples, but we hope they will inspire you. Learn how other students structured their minds. Start with general information. How many people are in your family? Then describe each of them. For instance, tell them that your mom is a teacher who spends all day long with children. Be specific.

My Family Essay Examples for High School 

My family essays for high school can be longer and include more information about each member. You can have from 250 to 1000 words for such text. 

Another question you may have is “What to write about in a paragraph on my family for high school?” “Do I need to repeat everything from previous texts?” Remember that in high school, you already learned a lot about history and sociology. Your essay can be more complete. A point on the importance of strong relationships. Tell some stories about everyone that you remember the most. 

Anytime, learn from our examples.

Brilliant Family Essays for College

College essay examples about family are the next step in your study. How similar is this writing to what you did before? Probably, there are not a lot of differences. However, such essays are usually a part of specific assignments. 

In this case, be very clear with special requirements from your professor. For example, you may need to prepare a college essay on family for social science classes. Such a paper can be a part of an observing methodology study. You need to demonstrate the ability to describe someone's life. Maybe you need to make a report on genealogy for some class. Then you will research your grand-grand-parents and their history.

We offer free examples of such papers for students! 

Argumentative Essay About Family

What does a practical example of argumentative essay about family look like? Too complicated question, and too many ways to answer it. But let's start with the basics. What is an argumentative essay? This type of academic writing investigates the statement and collects all possible data. Family argumentative essay topics are usually connected to some studies you may have in college. For instance, you may learn how family traditions influence modern American society. In this case, you will put all the arguments about this influence, statistical data, and other scientific research together. 

Argumentative essay topics about family can be controversial. But check any argumentative essay example in our library! You will understand it better. 

Family Narrative Essay Examples

A narrative essay on family has the goal of telling a story. You need to have one motive and build your text around it. This is a presentation of your storytelling skills. Try to use specific details, but not overwhelm the reader with them. This text can be more creative than other types of writing. Look at an example of narrative essay about my family. You will find that it's often assigned for literature classes.

Make all sentences clear and short. Do not use too long constructions. You may tell the story of your grandparent's immigration and explain how this decision changed them. This paper may also refer to some social issues. 

Look at sample of narrative essays about family we have in our database.

Family Definition Essay Examples

You need to explain a specific term or issue in a definition essay on family. You will provide a definition based on your study. It can be a biological explanation of how "family" is defined by social science. Definition essays also explain specific things about genealogy or social relations. 

Start this text with a citation of how different studies define the term. How is it correlated with your understanding? Are there any new approaches for this term? 

Maybe, you are writing for a psychology class. Then you will look at how this term was defined by different psychology schools. It can be detailed research. You also can add some personal examples or feelings to your definition essay about family. Before writing, check various definition essay examples we have for you here.

What Is a Family Essay

The most commonly used definition of family essay is outlining the relationship between a group of people connected by blood, marriage, or adoption. Those people have specific feelings for each other. They can share joy or love and be supportive. This type of essay will talk about those relations and emotions. This is how we see the generation connection.

This paper length will depend on requirements from college. It varies from 100 to 1000 words. But it is usually up to 600 words. Check it first with your institution.

This topic can look too personal, but there are many options for significant research. 

Family Essay Outline

How to start writing? We would recommend beginning with an essay outline about family. For example, a text is about the connection between generations. Let's look at our domestic violence essay outline or at the model we have below. 

Example of family essay outline


  • Tell about your parents and siblings. What are their names? How much do you know about other relatives and grandparents from both sides?
  • Tell a catching story. Maybe your great-grandfather had a unique profession?
  • Define the thesis.


  • How much do you know about genealogy? Do you collect genealogy data?
  • Have you ever used archives to find information about relatives?
  • How psychology studies define a connection between generations. Why is it important?
  • How would you describe the relationship between generations?
  • Do you spend a lot of time with your parents? 


  • Summarize what you said before about the relationship between generations.
  • Add your insights on the topic.
  • Outline the relationship with the intro, and add some personal memories.

Simple Family Essay Introduction

Any good introduction about family will start with an exciting story. Let us tell you one! A few years ago, one girl cleaned the old basement in her grandma's house and found a box with pictures. She asked her mom about them and she said they were pictures of her great-grandfather. That is how she learned that he was a soldier. Catching into? Try to find a good story for the first paragraph.

Working with my family introduction in English can be exhausting. But remember that you know this story better than anyone. Check an example we can offer.

A family introduction sample

Family, as viewed by the society, is an underlying unity of the societal structure, which is used for the socialization of people. It is believed to be composed of the immediate members (children and parents) and non-immediate members (in-laws, and other relatives). The word family is also used to give relevance to other groups of individuals or institutions in the society. For instance, it is used to give identity to humanism, community, and the world. Therefore, family mostly is not only linked to blood relationships or the principle institution of the society. At the same time, the term family has endless definitions and cannot be said to have a definite description. It matters with the person defining it and the school of thought being used. My opinion, the family, is a term used to represent different groups in society. It is used to give the meaning of various relationships that are embraced by the community. It is a social term that can be said to present the idea of togetherness of the community. For example, friends, neighbors, relatives, blood members of the society, an organization such as religious institutions, and the world comprise a family.

Family Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis statement about family can define specific aspects you want to discuss in a text. You may want to write that you have a great example of a happy relationship with your parents. Or you want to point out that people who are not related by blood can be the best family members. There may be millions of different statements you will argue in your text. 

Look at what the thesis statement for family writings should include:

  • One main idea.
  • Your conclusion about the topic.
  • It should be based on data or emotional beliefs.

What are examples of good thesis statements? 

Our dog is also a family member," or "The relationship at home will influence our life.

Use our claim maker if you have never written a thesis statement for an essay. Make it excellent without any difficulties.

Family Essay Body Paragraph

“How to write a short paragraph on my family in English?” We have heard this question a million times. It is not as difficult as you think. Yes, it can be simple if you are working with a basic introduction. Or it can be difficult if you are writing about the connection between generations from a perspective of social science. 

But there are some standard rules to help you write a small paragraph about my family:

  • Be clear with your arguments.
  • One section should be for one thought.
  • Use details, but not overwhelm the text with them.
  • Use transition sentences for connections between paragraphs. 

To find the best body structure for this topic, you can also check our sample. 

Example of small paragraph writing on my family

Most people will differ with my definition of family. The reason for this is that they view a family only to include the structural units that form the society. They believe that it is created by blood members, relatives, and other individuals such as adopted children of this group, and marriage relations create it. However, the claim of these people is inaccurate since other members of the society form a family although they are not related in any way. A family includes the people who share one’s beliefs, who create a close bond and are ready to help one when in need. Being in a family is when a person fits into a particular group whether sharing similar ideas or not.

Family Essay Conclusion

Last but not least in your paper is the family definition essay conclusion. There is no way that you can finish the text without final thoughts. What do you need to finalize in your last paragraphs?

  1. A short summary of the argumentation section.
  2. A few insights. For example, you can conclude, "All those arguments illustrate how important it is to have a strong connection with your parents." 
  3. Make a connection with the introduction. For example, you can say: "As I mentioned in the beginning…"
  4. Make your readers think about personal insights.
  5. Underline the purpose of this text. 

To find the best conclusions, you can also check a sample we have.

Example of family conclusion in essay

My definition is an exemption from the usual meaning of the word family. The reason for this is that it encompasses all aspects of the family in the society. It is a generic definition that should be adopted by the community. The family is you and me, it does not necessarily mean we have to be related, we only require having some connection.

How to Write an Essay About Family

Finally, you know the text’s different styles and its possible structure. But if you still don't know how to write about my family essay, we will help you. StudyBounty defines a step-by-step guide for planning your text. Let's go through each step!

  1. Start with topic selection. To write about your family in English, define the aspect you will discuss in the text. It can be something specific for your close people (the role of each member) or something related to your field of study (psychological support for relatives). 
  2. Define a thesis. This is the main idea you will argue in the text. Be clear with the thesis, and do not include many details.
  3. Create an outline. This is the structure for your paper. You can also use some mind-map services for this. The idea is to organize argumentation properly. Outline the connections between paragraphs. 
  4. Write an introduction, main body, and conclusion. This is the most complicated part of work. Concentrate on the topic and structure your narrative and argumentation very clearly.
  5. Proofread. Fix all possible grammar and spelling mistakes. Before submitting the paper to your professor, read it once more. If it is possible, ask friends to read this text. Usually, other people can see your mistakes better. 

We are sure that you already know the answer to a common question: "How to write an essay on my family?"  

Top Tips for My Family Essay Writing

An essay writing on my family topics can be an art. At the same time, you may feel that your text is not unique or valuable. But we know how to fix it! 

There are some tips on writing essay about my family that can improve your text:

  • Start with learning from others

We have a bunch of articles on this topic. Read all examples of essay writing about family first. It will inspire great ideas.

  • Use real examples

This is a very personal topic. Create a unique story about your parents, siblings, or grandparents. As an example, browse our articles such as friendship essay or love essay

  • Your text should be relevant to the chosen topic

For example, you decided to write about the conflicts between siblings. In that case, you should not jump into discussing the connection between generations in the middle of the text. 

  • The first few sentences are imperative

Make them interesting, clear, and unique. 

  • Start with a list of ideas

If you don't know what to write about, put all beliefs from your mind to paper first. Then return to this list later. 

  • Speak with your parents

It can bring some insights into this topic. They can share some memories that can be your statements.

  • Forget about chronology

Tell the stories as they are essential for statement argumentation, not because of the time frame. 

Free Family Essays Topics for All Students

Family topics for an essay can differ based on the type of writing. But the main idea is the same – be specific with a case and try to pick up the one related to you. Any topic about my family can be done well. Let's look at the ideas we have for you!

Pick any example of a family topic in English, and adapt it to specific requirements.

  1. My best day with my parents.
  2. Memories from the basement – what we can learn from old photos. 
  3. How our first years of life define the future.
  4. My sister is my best friend.
  5. Is marriage important for a strong relationship?
  6. The concept of family in Shakespeare's novels.
  7. The best vacation with my parents.
  8. Why is it essential to speak with your parents about pain?
  9. How was the connection inside the family changed over decades?
  10. Genealogy tree and why everyone needs it.
  11. The role of social standards in relationships with parents and siblings.

FAQ About Family Essays

1. Are your family essay examples free?

We have excellent news for you! On our platform, you can find a free essay about family. You are not paying for them. There is no registration. Just visit the website, find what you need, and use it! Those examples were donated to our website by college students. Read them for inspiration!

2. What is the importance of family essays?

This story will mean a lot to you! An essay about family is an excellent introduction for a person. It will illustrate your values and beliefs. For everyone, this topic in particular. We tell everyone about our very personal life, memories, and events.

3. How can I write a family paper?

All papers about family are very personal. That is why it is impossible to use someone's work. You can use our guide and create your text step-by-step. It is not as difficult as you may think. Define the topic, main idea, your position, and arguments to underline it. Add personal memories, and you will have relevant text!

4. How do you write 10 lines on your family?

Let's pretend that your task is to write my family essay 10 lines. What can it be? General introduction – do you have parents or siblings? How old are they? What is your relation to the topic? How can you characterize fam members? Is there something specific about them? Be creative!


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