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Judaism and Roman Empire on the Life of Jesus

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The film “From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians” is an overview literature of the rise of Christianity. This movie gives us the insight on the life and death of Jesus Christ, men and women whose belief conviction and martyrdom came up with the religion we now refer to as Christianity. With the constant pursuit of knowledge, fresh interpretations have transformed previous thoughts and notions about the real identity of the early followers of Christ and their communities.

This film discloses the fact that Christianity did not rise as an only, uniform and articulate movement, but as also one that is marked by a diversity of thoughts, views, practices and beliefs. As the early Christians fought with their Jewish custom, it collided with paganism that challenged the Roman Empire and this caused clashes with each other. Why was the struggle? It was brought about by the urge to understand Jesus Christ and the meaning of his teachings by the early followers of Christ. This film pushes one to review his thoughts about this story that has definitively shaped the western world with little or no regards to their faith and beliefs. 

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Judaism and Roman Empire mainly influenced the life of Jesus Christ. By then, Jesus was just an ordinary Jewish resident, and as a Jew, Jesus is influenced by the diversity and tension that is marred in Judaism as at that time. Romans give a single dimensional view of Jesus world, and the other was symbolic with the temple in Jerusalem. We get to understand that Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew following the Jewish tradition and also died as a Jew.

The film tells more about the rebellion that rose during the times of Jesus. The exposure of Judea to the Roman rule stirred Political rebellion as a messianic view looking for a new kingdom to replace the old kingdom. Through what the Romans saw as PaxRomana that is referred to as peace restoration within the empire, Jesus was arrested and executed by the Roman authorities. And this was punishable by crucifixion. I t was a subjection to PaxRomana.

Jesus being the foreseen Messiah, his environment during the time of his birth molds him as the messiah or the earthly savior. Through the Jewish tradition, the Temple signified the presence of God. It was a single temple that served the whole Jerusalem. Jesus grows up following the Jewish religious activities that are later seen helpful in his mission as the Savior. The kingly figured that had been told about to come from the lineage of King David. Jesus grew up following the laws of God. Jesus later grows up to become the teacher of these statutes and the kind of wisdom he portrays sparks the urge to know where he got some good sense. The authorities were in dire need to understand how a poor son of a carpenter would be that wise in the end. 

During the times of Jesus, there were lots of questions on the faith, worship, and the beliefs Christians. It subjected then to lots of threats from the Roman authorities that opted for the persecution of Christians. Jesus is forced to seek refuge out of the empire.

But with time as the religion grew up with it gaining much popularity, the new Roman Empire gave a decree to allow Christianity be an official religion of Rome and it was a momentous change for Christianity. In this, we see the impact of Jesus Christ in Judah and Rome as a whole. The questions that arise in the whole story is the timeline between which Jesus did all his mission work and the time if his death. The life span was short about the kind if work he did and where he got that kind of wisdom.

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