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Knowledge and Power in Education

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One of the most controversial portions of scripture is Mathew 13:12 which states that to those who have, more shall be added to them and to those who do not have even the little that they have will be taken away from them, though it is scripture is no longer controversial when applied to education. Those who have a proper education acquire knowledge and with it comes power and all its packs yet those who only have an elementary education, find themselves as badly off as those who have no education at all ( Schaeffer, 2007; Bartley, 2016). Racial and social stratification would only be generational but with the availability and quality of education fitting aforesaid strata respectively, they have become perpetual.

Knowledge through education as power; an educated populace is difficult to suppress as they not only know their rights but also how to achieve them. This creates a literal interpretation of knowledge as power a good example of which being the Arab Spring where the levels of education in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and ended with the populace literally taking power from the dictators and creating people driven political institutions (Schaeffer, 2007) .

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From a euphemistic perspective, a good education creates the ability to get a good job or develop a good enterprise which will enable one to break the social and even racial barriers and be regarded according to their achievements rather than class or race (Bartley, 2016). Due to power derived from a good education, it is hard to tell that Alexander Dumas, Barrack Obama or Collin Powel were of African descent while Ken Langone, Kirk Kerkorian and Howard Schultz have broken from the dirt poor class to join the elite billionaires league (Giang, 2014).

Knowledge is indeed power, and real knowledge comes from a proper, learning based education that not only instills information, but also creates proper cognitive faculties to the learner in order for them to create a better future in spite of and sometimes because of adverse circumstances such as racial and social stratification.


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