17 May 2022


Littering in the Cincinnati Neighborhood

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The littering problem is costing Cincinnati City, Ohio millions of dollars annually through cleaning programs and awareness campaigns (Suro, 2018). Hamilton County which is responsible for cleaning the City receives daily complains of discarded cans, tires and different kinds of trash. The litter is not just an eyesore but also adversely affects the profile of the City as one of the most conducive places to set up a business or reside. The fact that the problem has persisted for almost a decade is a testament to the complacency of the County Officials in dealing with the vice. Recently, community members organized a one-day cleaning event where residents collected litter in their neighborhoods and carried out an awareness campaign against littering. These actions point to the dire situation in the city and the lack of confidence and to some extent goodwill by Hamilton County to address the issue. 

Concerns over the littering problem in the Cincinnati Community are not given the attention that they deserve. As evidenced by prevalent littering in both residential and business areas, existing measures to curb the problem are far from effective. Surprisingly, the County authority has continued to emphasize on increasing littering fines with the hope of discouraging the vice. The result of the intervention is evident, less than 300 cases of littering have led to the payment of the fine. County officials, environmental activists, and community members are in consensus that the problems need tackling at the moment before it gets out of hand. Uncertainty over measures that will effectively eradicate the problem at a minimal cost is a problem that is still under consideration. As a resident of the Cincinnati community, my experience and knowledge of the area equip me with the ability to device potent measures for solving the problem.

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The adopt-a-road initiative is a community-based intervention where residents living along a certain road or running businesses in the neighborhood pool resources and ideas of the best measures to avoid littering in their respective areas (Gwinnettcb.org, 2018). Residents have to sign up for the initiative at their own discretion and express a strong will to effect the initiative. They will then engage in cleaning exercise and awareness campaigns in these areas. Hamilton County will then support the program by offering incentives such as tax relief for business or discounts on amenity bills in the best performing sections. Since the aforementioned initiative is community-based, loopholes for individuals will remain pervasive if other measures are not adopted. Littering emanates from individual attitudes and recklessness. Enforcement of local laws and ordinances on littering will assist in reducing the problem. The initial step will involve making individuals aware of the existence of the laws before formulating measures to enforce the same laws. Despite the available statistical evidence showing a worrying level of complacency by law enforcement officers in enforcing littering fines, close coordination between county officials and the officers will solve the problem. Measures such as identification of the red zones for littering will assist in the effective utilization of the available human resources. 

Past setbacks in addressing the littering menace in Cincinnati neighborhood can be overcome through the implementation of the recommended intervention. Numerous reports to the authorities by the residents indicate their willingness to ensure that their neighborhood remains free of litter. Therefore, utilizing this goodwill is an almost certain way of tackling the problem. A litter-free Cincinnati will be cause for jubilation.

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