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Love as a theme in humanities

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Love is a theme in humanities, which is a mixed reaction of feelings that result from interpersonal affection between two or more people. There are different types of love, where these forms of love may be expressed in different disciplines differently. The first discipline where love is expressed is in the theatre, where the cast uses different forms of actions to show love for one another. For instance, people who are in love with one another have a warm heart for each other ( Davies, 20 1 3) . The open heart enables for a warm greeting before and at the end of the cast, both parties are seen to act on common themes, while they provide protection for one another on times of crisis. In the theatre, people who are in love are seen to have affectionate touches, while they are commonly subdued by the affection that exists in between them to the level that they would not contain live without their partners. In some extents, people are seen to sob tears of joy due to the love that exist between them. On other occasions, they may sob due to the feeling of lonely when separated from their loved ones. 

The other common discipline where love is expressed is in the field of art. Art is a discipline that encompasses the human activities in creating the visual, auditory and artifacts of performance. In the discipline of art, human beings try to express the imaginative technical skills of the author ( Kaye & LeBrecht, 2013) . Love as a theme in humanity is expressed in art in many forms. In artifacts, love is depicted from the choice of colors. Some colors like red are used to express the existence of romance, while dark colors are used to express sorrow, a situation that is not associated with the romantic tales of all times. The nature of the artifact will tell an on looker if there is existence of love or hatred. For instance, paintings that are made with the subjects holding one another cordially show the existence of love. Moreover, when people are in love, they seem to enjoy the happenings together. A painting showing people having meals together, sharing a picnic together or worshiping together may tell that such a community is at peace with one another and thus there is evidence existence of love ( Havens, 2014) . On the contrary, a community at war with each other depicts lack of peace and thus, there is no love for one another. In art, love speaks for itself and thus, one can get the notion from the way the artist makes up the nature of the artifact. 

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Music is another discipline that is highly regarded as a rhythmic production of sound ( Truax, 20 1 3) . The nature of music is classifiable in accordance to the tone, the pitch, the tempo and the lyrics. Love can be expressed in all these forms of classification of the nature of music. For instance, low pitch is associated with romance, while songs touching the affectionate nature between two people are associated with low tempo. The lyrics are the most judgmental sentiment of expression of love, where they depict the natural feelings between two people by the word of mouth. This implies that in music, one cannot express the feeling of love without having the need to mention the existence of love. Love is thus expressed by word of mouth, where one singer may be used as the tool for expression, while the other is the recipient of the love. In most incidences, one singer may open up by requesting for love from the respondent, while the responded in chorus, does just the same ( Davies, 20 1 3) . The video part of the song may also express the romantic feeling in the song, which brings out the true meaning of love existence between the participants. The video may depict people touching affectionately, having fun together or even sobbing at the feeling of love existing between the. 

The major similarity between the expression of love in music, theatre and art is that in all incidences, romance acts as the major identifier of the existence of love ( Green, 201 0) . In most situations, people who are in love may want to show their romantic relationship by way of touching each other as a show of the affection existing. On the other hand, in all the disciplines, love may be the source of anger or happiness. In most cases, participants may cry out of the feeling of love or smile for one another in a show of the existence of love ( Havens, 2014) . This implies that the expression of love in all the disciplines is as a result of mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. On the contrary, the theatre and music disciplines are different from how love can be expressed in art in the sense that the former allows for live human participation, while the latter takes the forms of non-human participants who are procreated by the work of human imagination. This implies that in art, love will only be expressed by the nature of the artifact, while live performance is restricted to the creation of the artifact ( Green, 201 0) . Consequently, in art, one cannot alter the nature of existence of affection between two people, where the nature of the affection is constrained to the thought that the artist had prior to the construction of the nature of the art. This is different from theater and music where one can alter the nature of existence of love from the fact that theatre and music is performed as opposed to exhibition in art. 


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