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Magdalene's Lifespan Development

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Magdalene feels that she has lived a fulfilling life. She was engaged in different activities in her middle and late adulthood. As she narrates her story, you can see the confidence she has for her achievements and the person she is. Though she regrets of a few choices that she made and opportunities she never explored, the negative feelings are overshadowed by whatever she has done and in most cases dwells on the positive aspects of her life. To her death is part and parcel of life ( Boyd & Bee, 2015). 

Magdalene proudly says, “I have lived my life and will die with no regrets of whatsoever nature concerning my life.” The reflection of her past life has led to improved health, reduced depression and contentment. On her past behavior, she evaluates and makes the judgement on what went right or wrong. She believes that she acted appropriately to different people contributing to the vast social network that always consulted her for advice on several issues. She also helped others spiritually while motivating individuals who were either depressed or lacked motivation in life. She believes in the power of a positive mind and always encouraged the younger people to go for what they desire ( Boyd & Bee, 2015). 

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Though Magdalene is eighty-three years, she still engages in physical and nonphysical activities. She has a small garden in the backyard that she takes care of including two pet dogs. She also actively participates in weekly social involvement in the church. All these engagements have helped her maintain a healthy life. She is satisfied with her life and is more optimistic ( Boyd & Bee, 2015). 

Though Magdalene is still active, she has few people to interact with, and the roles she handled are reducing as she age. Whatever she does, she is not restrained by expectations. As she narrates her story, Magdalene is happy about the changes and reflects less on the roles but more on herself. She is still engaged in tailoring something that she loved doing in her free time. Though the level of output has declined, she enjoys doing it, especially for her grandchildren and neighbours ( Boyd & Bee, 2015). 


Boyd, D., & Bee, H. (2015).  Lifespan development  (7th ed.). Toronto: Pearson Canada Inc 

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