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Morality in law: what are the implications?

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In in the first scenario, there is a moral problem. The problem is that there is use of illegal drugs at my friend’s house. The use of hard drugs like is legally wrong. The law dictates that use of cocaine is wrong and anyone found should be reported to the authorities. The criteria considerations principles and consequences that I would apply in this case are utilitarian moral principles. I would consider how my decision would affect majority of people, but particularly my friend ( Fuller, 1977) . However, as a police officer, I would also consider what I am expected to do as a law enforcement officer. What I would do in this case is I would first consult my friend to determine whether he was aware. If he was not, I would advise him to take the initiative of reporting the matter to the police. This will ensure that he does not suffer for mistakes that he was not part of. This will ensure that people do not suffer for what they did not do and the law is not broken by failure to report. 

In the second scenario, there is no moral problem. This is because the owner of the market has given me a gift in appreciation of what I have been doing as a police officer. In addition, there is a possibility that the owner of the market considers me just as a friend rather than a police officer and just wants to appreciate me as his friend. However, it is also possible that the owner of the market gave out the gift as a way of bribing me so that I can cover him when he gets into trouble ( Irwin, 2010) . This scenario requires professional discretion. The criteria considerations principles that I would apply in this scenario are deontological moral principles. I would analyse the scenario to determine whether accepting the gift is wrong or right and whether it breaks any rules. I would also analyse in which capacity the gift is being given, that is whether the gift is given to me as a police officer or just as a person. What I would do in this case is I will try to find out reasons why the owner of the market is giving me the gift. Alternatively, I would accept the basket of fruits but politely decline the Christmas card containing the gift certificate. This will ensure that I do not put myself in a situation that the owner will manipulate me in future. 

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The third scenario also contains a moral problem. In this case, there is a clear case of discrimination. Morally, it is wrong to discriminate against other people depending on their colour or sexual orientation. This scenario requires professional discretion because there is no law which dictates the issue of discrimination. In addition, James’ feelings have to be considered since he considers it morally wrong for one to be homosexual. In this case, I will apply the utilitarian principles ( George, 2014 ). In this case, I will look for a solution that favours all people. In this case, I would look for another partner for Jones, a partner who knows about his sexuality and is comfortable. This will ensure that James is not offended by having to work with Jones. It will also ensure that possible conflicts between the two officers are avoided. 


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