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Mortuary Science

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Mortuary science is a general study of a system which offers welfare help to the dead.

Funeral directors are professionals in the healthcare industry. Funeral services include preparing the dead for burial, offering grief counseling, comfort, and running of hearse services. This field aims at instilling skills, behavioral as well as physical for the application of science by players within the profession. Attention is paid to training graduates who are expected to offer knowledgeable and effective funeral services to the bereaved in a caring, comforting way (Stair, 2002). I will embark on a discussion of reasons for my choice of Mortuary science as my field of study.

The loss of my grandmother in the months that preceded my application to join university was the greatest influence on my choice to pursue mortuary science. Losing a loved one can be emotionally demanding or even depressing in extreme cases. Following her death, my family contracted a funerary service provider within our locality to help offset the psychological and logistical problems that occasion the loss of a close relation. This experience had an immense, positive influence on me and stimulated my interest in the mortuary science field. I began to appreciate the huge contribution funerary service providers make towards the betterment of social welfare. I developed an urge also to help people in their time of personal loss.

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Biology was my best subject in high school. I always wanted something that was in the field of medical care as my lifetime preoccupation. Some of the prominent medics in my area ran funeral homes. I made a point to consult with them which gave me special insight into mortuary science as a field of medicine. I came to understand that as much as death, just like birth is an important element in life and therefore good, dignified care should also be given to the dead.

The care and support that a funeral director provides to the ones who have lost their loved ones are immeasurable. Mortuary science gives is a highly rewarding field with a great job opportunity. I had always desired a great career of giving counseling and after care services. The service-based approach that is greatly employed in the practice of mortuary science perfectly appealed to my humanitarianism (Stair, 2002). 

I intend to establish a major caregiver in the funerary service industry. I am motivated towards this objective by incomers into funerary service provision. A good example of an entrant into the funerary provision business is sending flowers.

Professionals in the funeral industry provide community services. The field does not only provide one with intellectual skills but also satisfaction from helping the bereaved. Mortuary science is a very rewarding career. The field requires total commitment and dutifulness. It demands a lot of time which might be a push a way factor for many students who would like to major their study in the mortuary science.


Stair, N. L. (2002). Choosing a career in mortuary science and the funeral industry . New York: Rosen.

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