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Natural disaster management: link between hurricanes and climate change

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Natural Disaster Management

Question 1

When investigating the link between hurricanes and climate change, several variables are taken under consideration. These include climate variability, the humidity, the frequency of storms, and the atmospheric circulation. With the changing patterns of weather around the globe due to the greenhouse effect, the energy stored in the atmosphere has been on the increase. This is attributable to the retention of heat in the air since the “blanket” cover by the greenhouse gasses deters the escape of terrestrial radiation.

Elsner et al.(2006) conclude that hurricane intensity is on the rise and is likely to increase in this era of rising global temperatures. The atmospheric temperature has a direct relationship with the humidity and the potential energy for formation of hurricanes. At present, high temperatures continue to cause devastating effects on the polar glaciers. Increased melting of ice on mountains and temperate countries eventually leads to a rise in the sea level. This is a positive predictor of the occurrence of ocean-related hazards such as hurricanes and tsunamis (Elsner, Tsonis & Jagger, 2006).

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Question 2

With the widespread industrialization, atmospheric pollution continues to occur with the release of hazardous gasses. These hazardous gases include dust, carbon-containing fumes, and flammable gasses, which continually deplete the ozone layer, hence a great impact in causing global warming.

A cyclone is made of whirling wind when there exist a pressure difference. The condition may cause rain when warm moist air rises above cold dense air. Hail, on the other hand, is made up of falling pellets of ice with high winds. Hail forms when freezing occurs in moist clouds that rise above the condensation level. Wind air in motion while a snowstorm is a precipitation that occurs as a mix up of ice pellets, which are mostly in hexagonal shape, in the presence of a violent flow of the wind (Elsner, Tsonis & Jagger, 2006).

Question 3

Mitigation aims at reducing the environmental effects of greenhouse gasses in the quest of combating climate. Mitigation measures to curb storms serves as a better approach as it anticipates the problem and action to prevent it take effect during relief. This process is of much benefit even for the future generations apart from the fact that there are cost implications if full implementation of mitigation approaches occurs.

Adaptation, on the other hand, involves teaching humans alternative ways of life in the setting of a changed climate. The advantage of adjustment is that people will learn these new techniques in case of failure to reduce carbon emissions. Adaptation would mean greater problems for the future generations. Use of measures that allow for both adaptation to climate change and act as mitigation measures at the same time is the best way to deal with climate change (Elsner, Tsonis & Jagger, 2006).

Question 4

The evolving world crises and human refugee challenge continue to cause a huge backdrop in mitigation of disease outbreaks. Refugees regularly pose the problem of increased disease transmission due to overcrowding and poor sanitation standards. The mass migration of individuals also causes the threat of disease spread across countries and continents. This real menace often stalls the efforts of disease mitigation.

Warships, insecurity, and political instability also continue to frustrate the efforts of disease control and eradication. World crises deter intervention measures, limit access to healthcare and contribute directly to increase in disease prevalence (Elsner, Tsonis & Jagger, 2006).

Question 5

Naturally, wildfires start from the undergrowth between large trees and buns them to spread and become crown fires. To prevent this catastrophe, measures have included education to the communities on safety, and clearing of the undergrowth through biological, chemical or mechanical methods.

For forests that are not wildlife parks, clearing of small vegetation has worked as a workable mitigation measure. This process occurs by removal of the underbrush and tree climbers. This approach serves as the best approach since it helps in the control of fire by limiting the number of small vegetation (Elsner, Tsonis & Jagger, 2006).


Elsner, J. B., Tsonis, A. & Jagger, T. (2006). High-Frequency variability in hurricane power dissipation and its relationship to global temperature. American Meteorological Society, 763-768. Doi:10.1175/BAMS-87-6-763

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