8 Apr 2022


New Codes to ICD-10 System

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My major is billing and coding. I have chosen one of the recent articles to discuss why my major is highly demanded. The article is titled +CMS, CDC Add More than 5,000 Codes to ICD-10 Coding System.

RevCycle Intelligence shares that a fractional stop before the implementation deadline is the primary reason for the increase in codes for the ICD-10. This coding system is crucial for health care and medicine as it proposes diagnosis codes to identify the diseases more accurately. A false diagnosis may lead to the fatal consequences. Corresponding entities have suggested that up to five thousand new codes have to be implemented during 2016. It would significantly improve current healthcare situation.

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Moreover, these codes are crucial not only for treating, but preventing some diseases. Official Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site has already posted the upcoming changes along with first couple of thousand codes. They would be helpful for serving inpatient procedures in the next year. The rest of the codes are expected to be activated in October 2016.

This event is a significant breakthrough in both billing and coding and healthcare fields. Necessary clinical modifications were impossible without penetrating these codes into the system. To be more specific, ICD-10 system allows adding credible information for further healthcare professionals usage; extended injury codes; stating the diagnosis more clearly; describing patient’s condition; and providing overall accuracy.

Useful solutions for all those health providers who cannot meet the up-dated requirements can be found at ReduceMyDenials.com. This website may help to overcome claim denials due to ICD-10 coding issues. On the whole, claim denial rate is quite low. It means that most organizations welcome new codes. Most of the medical representatives were ready for the changes in ICD-10 system. The revenues of hospitals and other related structures did not suffer with the implementation of new codes. It is essential to adhere to all modifications across medical industry as well as coding to improve the overall health rates.

I would like to relate this information to my degree in order to prove it is highly perspective. With my major, I could join medical billing and coding field. I would like to contribute to the development of medicine by gleaning data from the newly introduced codes. This article proves that healthcare billing and “claims processing will remain integrated with diagnostic coding” (Gruessner, 2016). The knowledge of medical billing and coding would be useful for keeping and interpreting patient records. Extracting health data, establishing prevention methods, analyzing trends, and more features are available to students who master billing and coding. I believe better codes are the keys to solving many existing health problems.  


Gruessner, V. (2016). CMS, CDC Add More than 5,000 Codes to ICD-10 Coding 

System . RevCycle Intelligence, March 29.

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