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Numeracy Screener Report: How to Use It to Improve Student Learning

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Student Name: Amanda Laureen 

Date of Birth: 18 th February 2014 

Age: 7 

School: Little Angels Academy 

Test Date: 3 rd June 2021 

Background Information 

Amanda is a 7-year-old girl with difficulties in counting and memorizing numbers. She is the only girl in the family and has a slow development. She currently attends her first grade at the Little Angel's Academy. Amanda's best performed Mathematics course was drawing shapes. 

Previous Evaluation 

Amanda has completed three past numerical evaluations. The aspects covered within the previous tests included intelligence, attention, verbal skills, and social conditions. Amanda is a verbally intelligent average compared to the other students as per the previous tests. 

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Test Administered: Numeracy Screener 

A numeracy screener report is a two-part, two-to-four-minute test used to test children's apprehension of numerical magnitudes. The two parts that compose a numeracy screen report include symbolic and non-symbolic. The symbolic elements of a numeracy screener test compose numerical digits while the non-symbolic aspect of the test composes mainly of arrays of dots. Drs developed the test. Daniel Ansari and Nadia Nosworthy of Western University. 

The test is used to test a child's apprehension of numbers. This prepares a teacher on the level of competence of the learner with numerical magnitude. The numeracy screener tool also shows the correlations between the numeracy screener and the learners' arithmetic skills. The learner's arithmetic skills difference helps the teachers develop varied learning styles for children with different numeracy skills. 

A numeracy screener test is an essential tool in assessing a student's apprehension capability and hence is used to design customized learning activities for students with developmental disorders and other challenges. 

Behavioral Observations 

It was interesting to work with Amanda as she remained quite inquisitive and interactive. She felt comfortable around the examiner and mastered the test with ease. She took longer than expected to complete each task but recorded a perfect improvement generally. Amanda also developed her patterns to improve her efficiency in numeracy screener tasks. 

Assessment Findings/Results 

Symbolic  Non-Symbolic 
Raw: 41/56  Raw: 47/56 
Percentile: 5 0%  Percentile: 84% 


Amanda is the average of her class age. She performed exceptionally well in the numeracy test, considering the counting challenges he had before. Amanda started slow and failed in the first few tests, then consistently got all the remaining right. At first, Amanda took more time to complete the tasks than an average student from her class would take. It accurate to conclude that the student's ability to decipher the quantities improved over time through the test. Amanda's scores in the numeracy screener test do not raise any alarms. She had higher scores in the non-symbolic than the symbolic tasks. The test results are useful as they indicate that Amanda apprehends quantities better when in visual representations. The tests also offer more insight into Amanda's learning speed and ability to catch up with speed. 

Does the research support the screener as an assessment tool? 

A numeracy screener report is a two-part, two-to-four-minute test used to test children's apprehension of numerical magnitudes. The two parts that compose a numeracy screen report include symbolic and non-symbolic. The research supports that the numeracy screener is an effective assessment tool. The tool is used to assess a student's ability to apprehend mathematics when presented in both symbolic and non-symbolic forms. Based on other underlying factors such as age and any developmental conditions, the tool offers an accurate supposition to whether a student's learning ability is okay. The assessment results of the numeracy screener are used to design bespoke learning activities for students with special needs. 

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