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Pros and Cons of Long-Term Job Coaching

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Job coaching is a way that an organization delivers knowledge and skills to the workers. There are several ways that job training can be conducted. The needs of particular employment can vary from one organization to another, depending on the structure of the organization, the knowledge, and skills required for that job, some organizations use combined strategies to establish a workforce that has the required ski8lls in carrying out the functions. A company might require a structured vocational training, college or university academic qualifications in the form of NVQs. It does not matter the nature of tactic that is implemented to teach the workers one of the common teaching program adapted is the ‘on the job' training. 

The key asset in any organization is the employees who enable the organization to attain success and growth. Mentoring and coaching help the workers to develop soft personnel skill enable the employees to be creative and take initiatives in competing with rival companies. Coaching refers to the actions and activities aimed at developing the employees’ skills and enhance their level of motivation to enable them to better understand the objectives of the organization. 

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It is a cost effective mode of training where the company uses its pieces of equipment that can enable them in carrying out their specific role in a setting that already exists. 

It is easier to monitor the work of an employee because he is under the guidance of a supervisor or an experienced staff. Additionally, this is tailor-made to suit the needs of the workforce and the company. Therefore, the new interns can be integrated very quickly and easily in the company as opposed to learning the skills externally. 

Also, training within the organization means that the workers are learning and working and in the long-run they will become more adept and more productive. 

This is a very cost effective way of imparting skills required by the company. 

On Job Training Disadvantages 

Job coaching has not always been successful, and there are several reasons to this. Firstly, the person passing the information might not always be proficient enough. 

Another fact is that mentoring, training, and teaching is a skill that requires trained individuals. Some training is sub sufficient because training is not well planned, the workforce is trained in piecemeal that is counterproductive to the trainee and the company themselves. Mostly, this process is rushed to save time and money, and most trainers do not follow up on the trainee rendering it a waste of time. There is a lot of cramming within a short period. 


It is the responsibility of the management to establish the requirements of the employees and the various areas that require coaching. In addition, the management should first evaluate the objectives that they aim to achieve in the long run. The coaching system adopted should enable the company to attain its objectives and enable the employees to achieve their needs. The numbers of advantages in coaching are many as compared to the disadvantages. This process can only be disadvantageous if the management cannot arrange the needs of the employees, expected outcome, and the objectives. 

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