4 May 2022


Publicly Funded Art in America

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The arts matter in America because it propels the functionality of the society. Through arts, both children and grownups can demonstrate their hidden abilities and pose a positive impact on social issues in the American Society. Research has shown that students who have been enriched with art education have performed better in their class work especially in reading and solving mathematical questions. Moreover, students with art rich education rarely drop out of the schools.

Public funding has had an immense impact in America society. It has boosted the work of Arts which have increasingly continued to coach essential services like policing, social care and education. Arts have always been known to be a booster to the countries’ cultural heritage and a primary root to the tourist trade. Through public funds access to arts have been widened which has enhanced government social objectives like urban regeneration and social objectives combatant. Through the formation of theater groups, complex social issues like bullying have been addressed and banned in schools. A recent study carried in Europe reveals that drama in schools increases the capacity of communication and sensitizes the learning process among the teenagers. Furthermore, students have learned how to relates to one another and tolerate the minorities through drama arts.

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Artists have a social responsibility to uphold in the society and to the public at large. The artworks conveyed by artists should not be offensive or demeaning to some societal members. However, it should advance the development of the society. An example of artwork that promotes social responsibility includes “Srikandi” portrayed by an Indonesian artist. The painting was a feministic portrait which challenged the traditional stereotypes that tolerated the oppression of women in the society. The artwork broke the chains that trapped Indonesian women into a cycle of sexism and instead it raised and uphold the social responsibility. Artist has the responsibility to boost and foster democratic culture through their arts. It is the responsibility of the artists to work with awareness to impact positive changes in other people and foster personal relationship amongst the individuals in the society (Chicago, 2008).

Artists work in groups, this creates interdisciplinary connections and creates collective creativeness in both public and social environments. Importantly it has been shown that when students locate their professional role as an artist, it increases their chances of securing Job opportunities thus eliminating the rate of unemployment in the society (Taylor, 2011).

Artist receives funding from earned income, private support and public dollars. The funding is important to the local communities, the state and it enhances the cultural well-being of the nation. It is the agency size and interparty competition that influences how funding is deciphered in different levels for the arts. Studies reveal that to boost economic growth many regional areas would need to depend on commercial skills and therefore funding the artistic activities is quite relevant to many regions. There is an acknowledgment of culture as a development from new organizations created in various areas, and thus many regions believe that arts provide an economic benefit which explains why many states should receive funding for the arts. There are many local arts which received funding from the municipal council, and the local arts also make grants so as to support various local organizations.

Research has shown that culture and arts play a vital role in enhancing underlying identity character, and instilling moral values in the society. The enhancement of the underlying identity is quite depictable in the communities’ character where neighboring communities come together and reveals the communities sense of place through; historical articulation, cultural context, and implementation of policies. On the other hand, the reinforcement of current climate, the culture of a place and the combination of context contributes to the creation of a national character. Community character is not only deciphered by public spaces and grand buildings but conveyed through a range of elements such as; graphics, ceremonial buildings, street markets, street cross-sections and personalities that reflect the language and community’s descent. By understanding and reinforcing its character, a community can flourish both economically and civically. It is, therefore, the work of the artist as planners to guide citizens in celebrating and censoring the communities’ character (Chicago, 2008).

Conducting research in the artistic field may be a challenge since the piece of artworks requires an ethical code of informed concept. There comes a time when accepted piece of drama may create a conflict in a particular community depending on their beliefs and values. Children, for example, may have multiple ways of solving problems while playing different roles in a drama but the society may be against some of these ideas exposed to their children. Also, the society may be against some of the drama practice that is against religious teachings and practices. A person performing the piece of work should be informed of what will take place and the potential risks involved while conducting research so as to avoid the ethical issues confronting the arts. The piece of artwork should point out the key issues before the play so that people would have the freedom to choose what is appropriate for them.


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