17 Aug 2022


Reflection on Observed Teaching Areas and Styles

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Areas of teaching observed that were most effective 

During the first lesson observations, there were specific areas of teaching that I found most effective. First, I noticed that the teacher calls on the student to answer and that she plays first, then the student follows. I also found using a projector to show fingering to be quite effective as students are able to see the fingers used clearly. The teacher also selects two students to play for the whole class to ensure the others concentrate on the instructions the teacher gives. 

In the second lesson, I observed that the teacher made the students say finger numbers as they play scales. These students were also made to sing finger numbers as a means of helping them recall. The teacher also used the Oreo cookie fingering technique while teaching the students (Black White Black). Although the teacher seemed to be keen on fingering, she also urged the students to look at the music more. She also made the students count out loud. I also observed that the students learned cross fingering for solo repertoire. 

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In the final lesson, I observed that the teacher made the students focus more on the score than on the fingering. The teacher also allows everyone to play at the same time so that they can hear each other. I noticed that to remedy lateness; she made every late student play for the whole class. While to remedy boredom and sleep during the lesson, she made students do ensemble repertoire. She also let us participate in the class by playing for everyone. 

What I learned and how it affected me and my teaching 

During the three lessons, I learned that calling on the student to answer is better than letting anyone answer as it may result in chorus answers. I also learned that using a projector to show fingering is effective as students are able to see the fingers used clearly. I learned that it is important to move around the class and help the students. I also learned how to deal with sleepy, bored, and late students. These will impact my teaching as I plan to incorporate them into my teaching to be more effective. 

Comparison of teaching styles and content of the lesson 

During the lessons, there were some similarities and differences that I observed. I noticed that the teacher was keen on the technique, repertoire, transposition, and chord progression. The teacher was also intent on giving students clear directives in communication and explanations, modeling, while the students were on task and generally had positive attitudes. I observed that during the first lesson, the teacher was keen on giving the students an explanation under elements of teaching, unlike the other lessons. She was also keen on facilitating student activity just as in the second lesson. In the second lesson, the teacher was keen on harmony, which was not observed in the other two lessons. In the third lesson, the teacher focused on sight-reading and having a positive learning environment. She was also keen on ensemble, just as in the first lesson. 

New ideas that I gained from the teachers 

I learned a few strategies for dealing with students and teaching during the three lessons. I learned that when a student comes in late, the class can say “good morning” to the student to show him that he is late in a subtle manner. I also learned that asking late comers to play for the whole class as a punishment is effective as it makes students come in on time, and those who do not are punished in a manner that benefits their studies as they get to practice playing. 

Lesson learned from the entire experience 

During this experience, I learned that focusing on what the students learn is more important that rushing over the syllabus. I also learned that students need to be supervised more strictly and that the rules set in the class must be adhered to at all times, and if any student breaks them, they need to receive the appropriate punishment as in the case of being late. This ensures disciplined students making learning more efficient .

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