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Respiratory Therapy: Everything You Need to Know

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Respiratory therapy is a health care provider who practices in pulmonary medicine to assist those suffering from a pulmonary disease. They are required to undergo training in a well-established institution that has passed a national board certifying examination. The respiratory therapist is mainly found to work in operating rooms and intensive care. Outpatients and home-health environs tend to have therapists too. It is a career that needs pure concentration for they mainly deal with pulmonology and cardiology. Other areas that they require to be conversant with are airway management in fast car, trauma and during the administration of anesthesia needed during sedation or surgery. 

Due to the handling of critical health situations, a respiratory therapist should ensure that they are professional and give detailed attention to your patients. They are known to manage patients on life support at the intensive care unit, stabilizing and managing hospital to hospital patient as they travel either by road or air ambulance. In outpatient environs, respiratory therapists mainly perform their duties as educators (Cunningham et al., 2014). 

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As seen in the discussion, therapists require having certain abilities professionally. Professionalism can be achieved through the capacity to understand the various parts of the human body and ability to execute diagnosis. The brain is an essential component of the body for respiratory therapists. It is an organ that mainly interprets information from the environment and is known to govern functions such as creativity, memory, intelligence, and emotion. Parts of the brain include cerebrum, brainstem, and cerebellum (Cunningham et al., 2014). The brainstem is known to relay information to cerebellum and cerebrum then to the spinal cord. There are senses that the brain receives information through and they include touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. Once the message is received through the named senses, the brain then interprets information in the form of memory. It is through the brain that the rest of the body can perform its duties accordingly (Egan, 1977). 

In the case of a respiratory therapist, they are required to assess the patients they attend to and come up with ways to deal with their conditions. As discussed earlier they deal with pulmonary diseases that include the lungs and heart. Therapists should understand both organs, and that is achieved through memory (Cunningham et al., 2014). Once they undergo training, they are filled with knowledge and skills which are stored in the brain as a remembrance. During application, they use the information in the memory which is then used to help assess the patient. Once I have diagnosed the patient, it is the brainstem known to relay the information to cerebellum and cerebrum then to the spinal cord. Spinal cord will then convey the actions required to be performed by therapists (Cunningham et al., 2014). 

In conclusion, the cerebellum is a critical part of the brain for it is located below the cerebrum. It coordinates the movement of the muscle while ensuring that it maintains balance and posture (Barnes et al., 2011). As a respiratory therapist, it is paramount that my cerebellum is in the right condition. The main reason is that the cerebrum will relay by my vision of the patient’s condition. I will then be required to act on the diagnosis discovered that is done by the cerebellum. Cerebellum will ensure that my posture and ability to perform the necessary actions is in the right condition. Thalamus is another part of the deep structure of a brain. Its primary function is to relay information from the cortex and helps during alertness, sensation, memory, and attention. As a therapist, the thalamus is critical because I need to be attentive to my patients and as I pursue my career. 


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