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Satir's Communication Model: How to Improve Communication Skills

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There are different stances of Satir’s Communication that have been used by members of my family depending on individual preferences and personal expectations regarding his or her relationship with other members. One of my brothers developed the stance of placating by accepting to be blamed for anything that he did not do well. He was also willing to protect other members of the family and ensure they are perceived to be blameless. I also observed that my mother developed the stance of blaming because she blamed everyone for the wrong incidents in the family such as loss of family funds or loss lack of performance of a particular task that the members of the family were assigned to do. In a similar manner, I observed a stance of super-reasonable in one of my sisters who preferred to do things on the basis of principles in a manner that any activity that was not done according to particular procedures and rules were perceived to be incorrect. This resulted into her observing faults in the context in which she was concerned as well as others. 

A clinical concept that I will use in my practice is the implementation of the five freedoms; Freedom to see, Freedom to hear, Freedom to speak the truth, freedom to think and feel independently, freedom to ask for what you want, freedom to take risks on our own behalf. This clinical concept will ensure a person has freedom to do a number of things in order to achieve a positive outcome in a therapy. 

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This clinical concept is suitable because it empowers an individual to be involved in the achievement of his therapeutic goals by being allowed to express himself and understand his environment. 


Martinez, J., Hollingsworth, B., Stanley, C., Shephard, R., & Lee, L. (2011). Satir Human Validation Process Model.    Marriage and Family Therapy: A Practice-Oriented Approach

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