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School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons Including Cost

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The issue of whether students should wear school uniforms has been subject to rigorous debate. The teachers, parents, and even the students themselves have varying views on this matter. Some tend to oppose while some support the aspect of wearing school uniforms. Based on the underlying evidence and arguments from various stakeholders, students should wear uniforms in schools. 

One of the primary arguments supporting the proposal is that uniforms create uniformity. Buying kids uniforms instill positive behavior. For example, when students wear school uniforms, they behave accordingly due to the feeling of professionalism. Besides, status symbols and fashion trends distract the students from concentrating on their classroom chores (Babić, 2019). On the other hand, the uniforms ease the morning schedules because minimal or lack of debates on the choice of outfits to wear to school. 

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Another concern is that a lack of school uniform brings confusion on the dressing code. It distorts the rules regarding visible logos, modesty issues, gang colors, symbols, and offensive text on clothes (Kouzmine, 2019). All of these will be avoided if students wear school uniforms. Apart from this, there is the issue of reducing unnecessary expenses or economic strains especially among the students from low-income backgrounds. The reason is that it is economical to buy a few school uniforms every fall rather than the whole school wardrobe. 

Moreover, school uniforms reduce bullying and teasing by creating an even environment for all students. In an era of high-fashion trends and status brands, clothing acts as a definitive symbol of status for teens and children. Therefore, it reduces the chances of picking or shunning some children for their outfits (College of Education researchers conduct a study on the impacts of school uniforms, 2019). The final argument is that school uniforms create a sense of school spirit. When dressed up in uniforms, students cultivate a stronger team mentality. 

From these arguments, it is clear that the school administrators and other relevant stakeholders should indeed embrace wearing school uniforms in schools. It is not only supportive to the students but also the teachers, parents, and the community at large. 


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