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Should abortion be illegal

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In current democratic surroundings, societies and citizens have been empowered to take opposing views and opinions regarding issues of concerns that affect them both personally and as a group. It has thus resulted in many controversial issues in the society that present strong opposing side mostly determined by the philosophical position that the varying and opposing sides subscribe to depending with the issues. The controversial issues appear in matters relating to political, social as well as economic aspects of life in the society. Irrespective of the positions taken, it has compelled mediators and other interested people to intervene and come up with a neutral solution that both opposing parties can agree noted mostly in negotiation and mediation processes. However, this paper presents the subject whether abortion should be illegal after noting the varying positions presented relating to the subject and the compromised solution that both sides can agree.

Proponents of abortion that supports it note the following reasons that try to justify their stand relating to the subject hence support the legality of the matter. The first position presented is that of contravention to freedom of choice especially for women. They argue that women are in control and in charge of their body and decisions they make and hence by illegalizing it would mean that the government would be in control of a woman’s body. They ask what it would resort to in the future as it would present more other avenues that the government can think of to control other issues of freedom such as sterilization, motherhood and birth control such as pill among others. They hence state that it should remain legal to enhance the freedom of choice clauses in the law and let women make their choice independently (Siegel, 2014). Secondly, they also argue that by illegalizing abortion, it would result in more women dying and becoming sterile because of the “back alley” that would result in many unprofessional procedures that are risky. It is because of the irrespective of the legal position taken, abortion would still be done. Hence, they state that legalizing it enhances safe and professional aspects resulting to fewer deaths and sterile challenges among other concerns. It is therefore; better to be done in a controlled environment. The third point notes that in cases of rape, which in itself is a serious crime in many societies, the woman should be allowed to abort in order to save her from the trauma that she can undergo throughout her life because the baby could be a constant reminder to the woman of the trauma. Such children in addition more often than not face higher chance of neglect and abuse from mothers. Proponents thus support abortion to remain legal. The fourth point notes that the fetus in not a baby or human being and cannot survive on its own outside the uterus on its own. Abortion hence according to them should not be considered murder that is a crime in most societies because the fetus is not self sustaining as it would be the case that applies to murder (Andrusko, 2014). They pose the question to the critiques to define a human and ask that if they consider fetus human, then it means that sperms and eggs are humans as well. The fifth point noted is that putting up a child in foster home is equally emotional challenging that can be compared to abortion. Additionally, the foster care homes are full and the limited resources they get are insufficient making the children in foster care strain. Lastly, the proponents argue that planned children are better cared for and hence have better life prospects because the parents are well prepared to support the child in every aspects giving the child physical, financial and emotionally. They hence re-state the position that abortion should remain legal.

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On the contrary, the proponents against abortion and hence taking the position that it should be illegal argue for the following points. First, they argue that fetus is human beings from the word go, and hence abortion should be treated as murder and illegal act. Secondly, they note that there are many birth control methods available that people can use to prevent pregnancy including abstinence that is 100 percent safe. It therefore means that negligence or irresponsibility cannot be used as an excuse to justify abortion, hence the act is illegal and has to remain so. The third position notes that all babies have great potential and hence they deserve and have a right to determine their future. Some further argue that abortion could end the life of a baby that can be of great importance to the society at large. Fourth, Proponents against abortion also note that women who have abortion suffer psychological damage from the experience as well as the father of such babies and hence should remain illegal as it is not always the decision of the woman but need to be of both parents (Coleman, 2013). They note that God had a reason why women should carry pregnancies and gave them wombs. Most men hence suffer psychological consequences in decision that they have little say about, hence it should remain illegal. Fifthly, they argue that most religions do not accept abortion and other birth control options. It hence has to remain illegal as many laws also consider the religious aspects. Lastly, they note that abortion exposes women to more dangerous health risks such as danger of losing fertility, sterility, infection and in worst situation deaths. In addition, some point that it goes against doctors Hippocratic Oath that of not harming.

The areas of agreements between the two differing positions is that freedom of choice is bestowed to every person and abortion should only be allowed in cases where there is enough proof and evidence that it would be risky for the life of a woman and the baby from qualified doctors is when abortion should be considered. In addition, in cases where pregnancy results from cases such as rape case, it can be terminated. The areas that they disagree in relates to philosophical perception in relation to the mater (Wilson, 2013). For example, some cite religions practice and beliefs that is against it while others note that not everybody subscribes to the religious practices. Freedom of choice as noted in the constitution also presents a dilemma whereby as women have right to choice as human beings, babies too have a right to choice. There is no clear definition of a human being and whether a fetus is also considered as a human being or not as it cannot survive on its own outside the uterus on its own. 

The two differing parties that support and contest legality of abortion should first accept that every side has freedom of choice in relation not only to the subject of abortion but also other issues in life. There have to be laws that need to be drafted that consider special conditions that abortion can be allowed and need to consider all stakeholders in put (Wilson, 2013). The gaps in law such as lack of definition where life starts at and whether fetus also considered as human being among others need to be addressed so that there is a clear approach that can results to objective views and positions in relation to the subject. The opposing parties hence need to accept it only under specialized conditions for both parties to all have a win-win situation. Both parties have to look for alternative approaches that can prevent or lead to the act.


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