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Situational Reactions

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The elements of reasoning describe the requirements and the direction that one should take while making decision based on situational analysis. These include purposeful reasoning, fostered by consideration of the availability of data and information. Decisions have consequences. In my situational analysis, I will use the guidelines of these elements for scrutinizing the circumstances.

In the first case, if I were a soldier deployed in a foreign country but mistakably took fire on innocent people, I would agree to falsify the information together with my colleagues. This is so since agreeing to take the responsibility of shooting innocent people could possibly lead to loss of my job. Admitting to the truth could as well lead to charges in the court of law and I may end up in prison if the evidence would point to misfiring. To a soldier, denial of some privileges could be a likely punishment as well. Although the decision of concealing the truth undermines justice to the casualties, I would rather consider the need to preserve the reputation of my job and that of my colleagues. In the unlikely circumstance whereby my squad members chose to deny my testimony about the event, I would join their side of the story to avoid selling out my members. Telling on them would bring divisions in the group and grudges that could hamper unity. 

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In the second scenario, I would not offer my partner the marijuana for his wife to use for pain. The justification for this is that there exists many medical solutions for pain. There could offer a better relief than the use of marijuana with which use in an illegalized state puts her at a risk of arrest. I would instead give my partner counsel on the need help his wife to seek medical attention from a qualified medical consultant. The guide to arriving at my decision would be the reasoning that as an officer, helping someone in the trafficking and consequent use of an illegal drug could result in charges against me in a court of law. My partner, being a more experienced and decorated police officer makes the story more complicated than if we were of the same rank. The conflict of interest of the need to please my senior versus the call to do what is right according to the law would arise. This makes choosing to do what is contrary to his desire a little more complicated. Nevertheless, I would choose law over him and accept to bear the consequences of denying him to sneak the drug to his wife. 

In the third scenario, I would definitely help Jonny complete his assignment. First, the assignment given by the professor is overly difficult for Jonny’s level and secondly it is a determinant paper for consideration in keeping the scholarship. Having this in mind gives a me leeway to proceed and help. In so doing, I would have assisted my child proceed on with his education through the sponsorship. In another justification, I would say that Jonny has been performing well in all the other subjects, which has proven his intelligence. Lending a hand in this specific difficult task would mean a lot more than to Jonny than leaving him to struggle on his own. It would also be advantageous because this opens up the chance for me to teach Jonny the difficult concepts while assisting on the assignment. Helping him would not make him any dumber but would expand his knowledge in the subject. I would keep in mind the fact that the school would not approve of my assistance but at times, doing what is best for an individual rather than what is right suffices better in improving the life of that individual.


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