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Slothful Induction Fallacy

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Appeal to coincidence is another term that can be used to describe the slothful induction Fallacy. This incidence is explained as a logically mistaken belief in which an evident occurrence is supplied with unsound reasoning, and the truth is denied (Barker, 2011) . One clear example of such is when a driver is involved in a road accident, and the test shows that he is positive for alcohol beyond the acceptable limits, but he denies the same, claiming it to only but be a coincidence.

Several fallacies can be developed during an argument. The appeal to ignorance is a type of fallacy that occurs when someone concludes that his/her argument is correct simply because their partner has no knowledge on the subject. For example, having no proof that there isn’t the existence of Martians in caves under the surface of mars, makes the arguer think that his/her reasoning on the existence of the same is true. Another fallacy in the argument is the appeal to authority, where an arguer uses a person in authority to validate their argument (Web site, n.d.) . For example, the fact that Isaac Newton believed in Alchemy, gives credence to their argument because it might be accepted that no one really knows much more than Isaac Newton. Association fallacy is one of the commonest faulty argument where someone becomes guilt by association; it occurs when an arguer links specific practices to a negative person and uses it to infer guilt on the part of the innocent person. For example “I don’t trust vegetarians because Hitler was a vegetarian.”

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Slothful induction fallacy has become a social norm in our society today. To avoid such hasty generalization, individuals should undergo a study of the rhetoric process in order to learn and practice how to communicate and persuade the target audience to change their mind towards certain beliefs ( Damer, 2013). Rhetoric studies can be done through such media platforms as Twitter or Facebook to enhance acceptance of the truth and mutual understanding.


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