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Sources of Information About Crime

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In most crime instances, the nature and the extent of the crime determine the length an offender is going to take to be cleared of it. Most cases end up in court. Both violent crimes and property crimes, known and unknown to the police have their definition and guidelines which determine their solutions (Raphael, 2016). As such, as evident from data pulled from the FBI, indicate that violent crimes take lesser time to determine clearance. This can be hypothesized from the fact that most of them take the same course to determine. They are also conducted through the same means hence making it easy to handle them. On the other hand, property crimes, especially those unknown to police take some time to address. Their solving depends on the process followed to settle them. Their unknown nature makes them take more time to solve. This way, many of them are not solved through arrests as there are no immediate courses of clearance to be taken. 

From the database detailing the general clearance pattern by type of crime shows that many cases involving violent crimes have been leading in the clearance through arrest, unlike the property crimes which have only managed a small percentage of clearance through arrest (Doerner & Doerner, 2012). This tread has been the same for a long time and has not shown signs of changing anytime soon. This analysis goes in hand with my hypothesis, since many of the crimes which are unknown to the police involve property, which makes them take a long process to be determined and cleared. 

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Doerner, W. M., & Doerner, W. G. (2012). Police accreditation and clearance rates. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 35(1), 6-24. 

Raphael, S. (2016). Optimal policing, crime, and clearance rates. Criminology & Public Policy, 15(3), 791-798. 

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