11 Oct 2022


Stages of Social Development Newsletter

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In the state of North Carolina, grade level eight expectations on the study of social studies include disciplinary content, processes, and skills that contribute to responsible citizen and lead to the formation of a good foundation for high school social studies coursework. According to the North Carolina curriculum framework, states are guided to undertake the best programs on the educational frameworks that will guide in making an impact on the development of the nation. The curriculum framework provides measures that aid schools to achieve the needed levels for the student to be competent in the current economy. Students are to be trained according to the needed skills and expertise for them to be productive and responsible citizens. The curriculum is focused on ensuring production of literate individuals, healthy and fit people, responsible family members, productive workers, involved citizens, and self-directed lifelong learners. Therefore in line with the North Carolina States standards, it is required that the grade level 8 should act in a high level of proficiency to the academic standards ( Schwarz, Gunckel, Smith, Covitt, Bae, Enfield & Tsurusaki, 2008) . 

According to North Carolina State, the grade level 8 has to perform to the best standards to be a competent citizen. Therefore, among the level activities those are to be accomplished to be a competent citizen by the student includes writing for fun, hunt for what to read, writing for fun, writing for a reason and talking about writing with the child. Furthermore, the students have to enhance their studies through practical interactions with citizens in a way to strengthen their knowledge base from what has been theoretically instructed to them in the class. Parents and guardians of the student in this grade are in a vital position to assist them on what they have learned while at school. A study by VanTassel-Baska & Brown (2007) on the efficacy of curriculum models, it can be concluded that the curriculum models have a vital role in the development studies at schools. The study analyzed the role of other factors outside the school environment in contributing to the development achievement of the students. Therefore, when students visit their homes, they should interact with all the people to gain an understanding of the school teachings. 

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The curriculum supports that the students have to be assisted at all times to become productive citizens. Parents and guardians have to assist their children by making reading fun. Children find it easy to read when it is fun for them to do so. Therefore, it is very critical when parent make their contributions by ensuring their children get humble study time and encouragement from their parents. Reading can be improved through involving the students in the activities that happen right in the society. What students have learned in the social studies about the responsible citizenship is enhanced through support from their parents to take part in such activities at the community level. Krajcik, McNeill & Reiser (2008) analyses the impacts of curriculum model on the national development goals from the county level. Therefore, students’ activities at the community level are very important in reflecting the national development goals. 

Students have to be instructed by the state laws governing the curriculum studies to improve student development studies to be responsible citizens in the community. Relevant articles have supported the curriculum development that seeks to guide to enhance understanding of the grade eight students in their preparation to join high school. 


Krajcik, J., McNeill, K. L., & Reiser, B. J. (2008). Learning ‐ goals ‐ driven design model: Developing curriculum materials that align with national standards and incorporate project ‐ based pedagogy. Science Education , 92 (1), 1-32. 

Schwarz, C. V., Gunckel, K. L., Smith, E. L., Covitt, B. A., Bae, M., Enfield, M., & Tsurusaki, B. K. (2008). Helping elementary preservice teachers learn to use curriculum materials for effective science teaching. Science Education , 92 (2), 345-377. 

VanTassel-Baska, J., & Brown, E. F. (2007). Toward best practice: An analysis of the efficacy of curriculum models in gifted education. Gifted Child Quarterly , 51 (4), 342-358. 

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