29 Aug 2022


Stress Management: How to Handle Stress

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The environment in which we live in predisposes us to various stimuli, which may affect us in a negative way and cause us to develop stress. Stress entails the affective, behavioral, and physiological reply to aversive Stimuli. These stimuli may be from various sources including personal life issues, the home or the working environment. Every individual is susceptible to stress and learning to manage it is essential to improve the quality of life. 

In the past, I have handled stress by trying to find out the problem, which causes the stress, and then talk to a close friend about the problem. By opening up to them, I have felt relieved of the burden. I also take some quiet time alone to think through the situation. This way I find ways to solve or minimize the effects of the stress-precipitating event and to prevent the possibility of the recurrence of such an event. 

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I have also learned some new techniques to handle stress. Among these techniques is engaging in physical exercise and progressive muscle relaxation. Through exercise can reduce tension in the body caused by physiological changes that occur in response to stress. Also, getting enough sleep is another technique to reduce stress. This way, an individual rests their mind and reduces the racing thoughts associated with stress. 

Managing diet is another way to handle stress. Eating enough food with fruits and vegetables included enables one to get enough energy to cope up with stress. Another technique for stress management is through meditation, which is a good way to relax the mind and enable one to return to sobriety in their thoughts. Professional counseling through psychotherapy is a good way to handle stress. 

In conclusion, stress management is essential, and every individual should find out better techniques to manage stress. An individual should find a way of stress management, which suits them best, and applies it to reduce their stress levels. 

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