Great Stress Essays: A Beginner's Guide to Writing & Examples

It won't be a big surprise if we say that a student essay about stress in college is one of the most commonly assigned. Why? An easy answer is that writing about managing tension teaches students to do it in practice. It definitely helps in dealing with their real problems and fraught environment. You are doing research for a paper and simultaneously supporting yourself with everyday tension in academia! StudyBounty offers free essays on stress in students life that will help you learn the stylistic, structure, and possible requirements for such assignments!

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17 Sep 2023

Influence of Traffic Stress on Work Engagement

Even though researchers have concentrated on psychology that has to do with work engagement in the workplace for many years, e.g. job involvement (Allport, 1945) or job empowerment (Thomas and Velthouse, 1990),...

Words: 1829

Pages: 6

Views: 415

The Impact of Stress on Nurses and Nursing Care

As a psychiatric nurse working within a major city, I handle a diverse array of patients. Each of the patients has unique needs and presents a specific personality. My work is to care for the patients and to help...

Words: 1549

Pages: 5

Views: 120

17 Sep 2023

Stress Effects on Human Memory

Stressing experiences impacts the individual’s memory and learning experiences. This paper investigates how these experiences have been reported to enhance and weaken human memory, especially glucocorticoid...

Words: 1565

Pages: 5

Views: 59

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Stress Management for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Relieving the suffering that patients endure is the main mandate that healthcare professionals are required to execute. Every day, practitioners work tirelessly to fulfill this obligation. However, as the needs of...

Words: 1426

Pages: 5

Views: 342

Stress: Causes, Symptoms, and Coping Mechanisms

Stress has emerged to be a severe health issue that plagues a large sector of the society in the modern world. Indeed, the lives that are led by many of us are usually busy, and it would not be far from making a...

Words: 775

Pages: 2

Views: 117

17 Sep 2023

Stress and College Students

Stress is a condition that is prevalent in a wide range of people irrespective of gender, age, socioeconomic status, or academic background. However, the problem is even more profound among college students due to...

Words: 1062

Pages: 4

Views: 66

17 Sep 2023

Stress and Job Performance

Stress and Job Performance American Psychological Association (2018) states that stress occurs as a result of perceived incapability to meet demands placed on us. When overwhelmed by circumstances, individuals often...

Words: 1456

Pages: 5

Views: 111

17 Sep 2023

Making Decisions under Stress

Stress is a feeling of being under overwhelming pressure. Stress affects decision making by altering how we weigh rewards and risks. Under stress, we can make good decisions by paying more attention to the rewards of...

Words: 311

Pages: 1

Views: 153

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17 Sep 2023

Stress and Health: Psychological, Behavioral, and Biological Determinants

Stress is a critical aspect that affects the lives of individuals in many ways. This mostly occurs in relation to a person`s health and behavior. In most cases, the stress responses may end up being adaptive among...

Words: 1183

Pages: 4

Views: 373

Stress Management for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

The article, “Stress Management for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis” presents the case of a 40-year-old lady who had Rheumatoid Arthritis. She presented herself to a professional medical nurse to follow up on...

Words: 829

Pages: 3

Views: 110


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Academic level

What Is a Stress Essay

Let's start with the easiest part – the definition of essay on stress. This type of paper analyzes and provides practical advice on managing stress. For example, it can be a general work on any kind of pressure or specific psychology essay on post-trauma treatment. 

You may start working on this topic by defining what pressure is. How this term was defined in various disciplines. What management techniques do exist? This is a comprehensive technique. It can be analyzed from the perspective of medicine, yoga practices, or even historical memory. Start with research, and you will have significant work!

Fascinating Stress Essay Examples

Do you want to have an excellent grade and be one of the best students in a class? Start your writing journey with stress essays examples we offer for you! 

What can you learn from other writings?

  • The general structure of your text

You may be required to provide a persuasive essay on stress or a stress argumentative essay. So, we have all types of paper in our base. 

  • Additional information

Maybe you will find some facts that can be used in your text. You can also get some creative and interesting ideas for your writing.

  • Structure 

It is a great chance to find a text layout that will work best for your case. What length is better? Are 150 words or 250 words enough for a complete text? 

Using examples does not mean that you need to use someone's text like yours. But it is an excellent inspiration for your own work!

College Stress Informative Essay

An informative essay about college stress is a specific type of paper that collects all the information about the topic. You will need to research different approaches to the issue and provide as much information as possible. 

For instance, you are writing about managing pressure in mindfulness practices. You should find various citations, definitions of tension from this perspective, and possible meditation techniques. You need to have a complete study on the topic. Maybe some statistical data or medical research proves your thesis. 

Already know what to write about? But first, check more than one informative essay example about stress in life we have for you!

Stress Essay Outline

Outline for stress essay will depend on your field of study, course, and even your graduate major. We will try to show you how to build strategies for ordinary papers in any specialty. Look at an outline sample for a student in organizational management.

Example of stress essay outline

Introduction: This is where you make readers interested in this text. What you can add:

  • Citation of guru in direction to underline the actuality of your topic.
  • Catching phrase.
  • Interesting statistics. For example, how many employees suffer from pressure at work?
  • Thesis statement: The level of pressure at any workplace can be managed by leadership.


  • Techniques of tensity management.
  • Who is responsible for improving those techniques?
  • How this process is analyzed through the perspective of organizational relations. Best cases for corporate relations pressure approach.

Conclusion: Summarize everything.

  • Delineate some insights and underline your intro thesis. 

Stress Essay Introduction

An introduction of stress essay should be catchy for your reader. How to do it? Probably the most common question we use to get. There are some techniques for an introduction on stress essay:

  • Make it personal. Tell a real story that made you work with this topic.
  • Use surprising statistics. For example, almost every second person suffers from tension at work. 
  • Use unpredictable facts.
  • Engage with readers. Make them think about their cases. For example, you may start your essay with the question: "When did you feel stressed last time? Was it at home? At work? At a metro station?"

But you can also check all examples we have! Try to find something that will match your topic and idea.

Introduction to stress essay example

College life is considered challenging and stressful for many students. Most people in college right now are the millennials. Millennials are the people aged between 18 and 33 years (Coccia and Carol 28). This is a generation of people considered to enjoy having extreme fun. However, this group also shows the highest rates of stress. Most studies have revealed that most college students at an estimated 75 to 80 percent are moderately stressed (Coccia and Carol 28). The other ten to 12 percent reveal that they are severely stressed. Stress affecting students in college can be divided into various categories such as academic, financial, time or relationship related and self-imposed stress. The stress levels affecting students can be considered outstanding to their academic achievement. An estimated 25 percent of college students reportedly drop out of college during their first year (Lu, Frank Jing-Horng, et al 254). Notably, only slightly more than half of the college students complete their four-year education. Stress levels are caused by the level of satisfaction a student has in their life in college.

Stress Essay Thesis Statement

Another essential thing you should remember is your thesis statement about stress. This is the main idea of your text. How to write it? Try to define a specific topic of your research. 

For example, in our case with tension management in internal organizational practice, you may point to the role of the CEO in this process. And that your arguments will support or underline this thesis. Be specific. Be clear. Define something insightful, as there is no need to make your statement too simple. 

Check the good stress essay thesis we have! You will definitely find something useful!

Stress Essay Body Paragraph

Each paragraph on stress essay should be focused on a separate argument. Usually, students have from three to seven sections of main body text. Suppose you are working on a topic about depression among university students. In that case, you may have a paragraph on examination stress, final papers pressure, or application tensity. 

Your text must be consistent with transitional words and a logical connection between paragraphs. Try not to overwhelm the paper with uncertain or unnecessary information. At the same time, be creative. Try to find new research and get specific argumentation. To see how to work through a problem, browse any exploratory essay example in our library.

It is essential to be good at the topic and have a basic understanding of various researches in the field. Check a sample we have here.

Stress essay paragraph example

Many college students are in the progressive stage of emerging adulthood. During this stage, many people have reduced how much they depend on their parents. However, they have not yet developed well in enduring responsibilities that are required of an adult. During the college period, many of the college students reduce their demands and begin to focus on issues such as self-reflection, building relationships, cultural tolerance, decision-making, life planning and social support building. However, in this era, college students are quite different from other generations.

Stress Essay Conclusion

This is the last part of your text and you need to be very careful with it. The conclusion of stress essay is not for repeating everything but for summarizing. 

What you can add to a conclusion about stress essay:

  • One sentence for a summary
  • Your personal insights
  • Connection with an introduction section
  • Some rhetorical questions.

Your conclusion should not be too long. Usually, it is one or two paragraphs. But make sure that your readers also have some insights after reading it. Maybe you have some practical advice on managing tension you want to include in the text. 

Still unsure how to finish the text? You can check the sample we offer for students.

College stress essay conclusion example

In conclusion, the life of the typical college student is portrayed by time spent studying, attending class, and socializing with peers. Many college attendees today are in the Millennial bracket, a group that loves fun and communicating with one another. However, many college students are stressed, something that is contributed due to the level of satisfaction in life. Satisfaction in life come with the strengths of relationships built in college.

How to Write a Stress Essay in English

When we mention stress writing, we usually mean papers about pressure and tension. But remember that every assignment can also be difficult for you. Here are some step-by-step guides for creating a good essay.

  1. Research. Read as much as possible on a specific topic. This is your theoretical basis. You will use research and citation in your text which means you need to be proficient in this issue. 
  2. Check examples. Another step is to look at how other students created successful texts for the same topic. What argumentation do they use? How did they outline the introduction and conclusion section?
  3. Create an outline. This is a detailed plan of your future text. Try to be as straightforward as possible. Add even an argument you will use in each paragraph. It will help you to be more transparent with argumentation.
  4. Define your thesis statement. This is a part of your outline and we mentioned it in a separate step. This is the most essential thesis for the whole argumentation. Make it specific. 
  5. Write a text. The central part of your working process. It includes an introduction, a few paragraphs of the main body, and a conclusion. 
  6. Proofread. Another critical step to mention. It will be ideal to have one separate day for proofreading a text. Grammar and spelling mistakes will make it poor.

To get some inspiration and a better understanding, study different essay examples in this field. Browse such articles as obesity cause and effect essay, failure essay, and anxiety essay.

Stress Essay Topics Examples

As we mentioned before, this topic can have various approaches for analysis. It is essential to find creative titles for stress essays. This is how your text will be found in the future affecting your final grade. Stress essay titles and topics are important for creating excellent work for every student. And we have several of them for inspiration:

  1. How to use cognitive therapy for stressfulness disorders.
  2. Pressure at work – how to deal with trauma.
  3. Post-traumatic syndrome and modern psychology practice.
  4. Emotional management in organizational communication.
  5. The mindfulness practice for tension treatment.
  6. How to be calm in any situation.
  7. Yoga practice for understanding different kinds of tension.
  8. How to manage organizational tension.
  9. Modern treatment and Tibetan practice for post-trauma.
  10. Are women more affected by pressure at work?
  11. Army emotional pressure and how to deal with post-traumatic syndrome.
  12. Manage your productivity at the university and deal with pressure.
  13. How to manage any type of emotion in everyday life.

FAQ About Academic Stress Essay

1. How do you start a stress paper?

Papers about stress should be started from the research. After you have your defined topic and title, you need to build your fact base. Google the latest study and articles in academic journals. Check examples of good essays we offer for students. It will be an excellent start for productive work.

2. How long is a stress essay?

The length of the essay depends on your requirements. In general, short essays about stress can have up to 200 words, while a long paper can be 700 words. You can work with an essay for a journal. Its length will depend on style – narrative essays are usually longer than argumentative.

3. What is the chief characteristic of the stress essay?

An essay on stress among college students is a prevalent assignment. It is based on defining a priority, its influence on a situation, and how this topic is analyzed by students. It is usually informative consisting of a synthesis of different theories, approaches, and analyses of cases.

4. What is the purpose of a stress essay?

To understand the purpose, you need to look at your topic. For instance, you may work with stress in student life essay to reflect on your personal filling and define the best methods to manage them. Or it can be a medical essay and you will analyze the latest strategies for treating these disorders. But your goal is to demonstrate your ability to work with any specific topic.


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