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Teaching Print Concepts

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Part 1: Strategies 

Teaching print concepts is a challenging activity to the teachers of early childhood such as kindergarten teachers and parents who try to assist their children. However, several strategies can be used to improve the teaching experience and enhance the learning of the print concepts. One of the concepts is reading aloud. Reading aloud is good when the learner has no experience or is new to the concepts. It helps the students connect the text with meaning. Reading aloud should involve showing the earlier the book and letting them chose it. Parents may do it for bedtime stories and in kindergarten settings. Another strategy is making the learners choose what they like in the text. In using what children like to teach them, the teacher must provide well-colored pictures of letters or other text and let them choose while saying aloud. May also be suitable for children that cannot speak. The third strategy is the room word search. In the approach , the teacher asks children to find a particular word. They have to provide the appropriate word and teach spelling and pronunciation before the search commences. The fourth strategy is building words. The approach may work well with deaf students. It involves the teacher providing cut out words in two copies. One should be the model word and should be fully intact and the other in pieces. The child should be asked to reconstruct the word. The fifth strategy is showing the child pictures and the names of authors on the cover. The procedure applies to children who have begun understanding print concepts ( Pullen & Justice, 2003)

Part 2: Activity 

The text to use on the small group of selected students is “Little Bear” (1957) by Minarik and Illustrated by Maurice Sendak ( Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2010) . The text is simple and therefore suitable for all the children in the selected group. The activities that will be best for the teaching include loud reading, showing the children the pictures and asking them to choose what they like in the book. The reason for choosing the text is that the group of students is composed of students at different levels of understanding print concepts. Therefore, a text should be accepted that suits all the groups. It should be easy enough for the students with the lowest understanding of the literary concepts to understand and enjoyable enough for everyone in the class to focus on . Reading aloud is important in the teaching of the class because even though a good number understand the relationship between text and meaning, some of the have problems and therefore require assistance. Reading aloud will help those children that cannot read to learn and connect what they read in the text and the meaning. The reading aloud will be supplemented by the pictures in the book. Showing the children the illustrations on the cover of the book may help the children establish the connection between the text and their meaning. Pictures will make the teaching and learning easier because they represent what the children can identify with ( Pullen & Justice, 2003) . After reading, asking the children to choose what they like in the text and pictures will further cement their understanding of the print concepts. The three strategy will work best when used together so that they supplement each other in creating a better understanding of concepts of printed media to the children. 

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Common Core State Standards Initiative. (2010). Common core state standards for English language arts &lLiteracy in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects.    Washington, DC: National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers

Pullen, P. C., & Justice, L. M. (2003). Enhancing phonological awareness, print awareness, and oral language skills in preschool children.    Intervention in school and clinic ,    39 (2), 87-98. 

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