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Ten Steps for Writing a Research Paper

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A research paper can be described as a piece of academic writing centered on its writer’s original investigation on a certain topic, and the analysis as well as interpretation of the study results. Research paper may be a doctoral dissertation, a master’s thesis, or a term paper. In order to attain utmost excellence or perfection in all things undertaken, a person requires more than simply the knowledge. This essay summarizes the rational steps to writing an appropriate research paper. 

The first step involves choosing a topic . Researcher need to pursue a topic that is interesting to him/her. Moreover, there ought to be adequate info regarding the topic. The second step is to narrow the topic. The investigator ought to be specific by f raming his/her query so that it would investigate the “who, where, what, how, and why” of the topic. Topics which are extremely broad should be avoided, because it will make the investigation difficult to contain. The third step is to focus the thesis statement. The fourth step is to track down and assess sources for suitability for the task. An academic paper can necessitate both s econdary and primary sources. 

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The fifth step is to access the materials. A researcher may access potential sources of info through listening, reading, viewing, or even touching. The sixth step is to prepare introductory Works Cited cards and page. The seventh step is to confirm the thesis statement and make a working rough draft. The eighth step is to utilize information. The investigator should read source materials, listen to interviews or tapes, watch videos and make notes. The ninth step is to synthesize. The author should organize the notes in line with the working plan, review the thesis statement and plan, write the initial draft including title, Works Cited page and in-text citations, review the initial draft, compose the final draft including the title, Works Cited page as well as in-text citations. The last step is to evaluate. A researcher may judge the outcome of the work in performing his/her research (effectiveness) in addition to research process (efficiency). 


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