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The Benefits of Physical Exposure to the Environment

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Physical exposure to the environment around us affects our health. Factors like air pollution and the presence of solid particles and liquid droplets in the air affect the respiratory, cardiovascular and mobility of individuals. Physical environment factors that influence the health of people include harmful substances e.g. air pollution, availability of toxic sites in the surrounding, access to health resources, for instance, food, medical care and recreation and community setup that includes land use transportation system and street connectivity. 

Air pollution 

Air pollution has adverse effects on people with lung problems, heart diseases, pregnant women, children whose lungs are still developing and outdoor workers. High pollution levels can lead to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, additional stress to lungs and the heart and damaged cells in the breathing system. Long-term exposure can result in loss of lung capacity, aging of the lungs and decrease of their ability to function it can also lead to the development of diseases and a shortened lifespan. 

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Water quality 

Water has many uses among them cooking, drinking, bathing, irrigation, and other purposes. The quality of water is crucial to human health. The quality of water is its essential and physical characteristics that determine its suitability for human use. In the short term, consumption of contaminated water can have adverse effects to the consumer. It can lead to diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery, cholera, etc. Water has a higher potential of causing human health due to its universal solvent characteristic and ability to carry disease transmitting pathogens capable of affecting the digestive system and the skin. 

Food quality 

The food we eat provides our body with essential nutrients and energy for proper functioning. Nutrient deficiency leads to ill health and a general body weakness. Consuming excess food that is not balanced can lead to obesity, a decline in the immunity and malnourishment. Food maintains, prevents and cures diseases by enabling the cells to perform their functions. Nutrients are necessary for the development, growth, and maintenance of body functions. 


Unnecessary chemicals in the food we consume and the environment are the cause of some diseases and complications. Consumption of chemicals has the potential of lowering our immunity system. A weak immune system cannot protect the body against harmful bacteria. Chemicals suppress the production of bacteria fighting cells and also increase the number of free radicals. Availability of chemicals in our environments for a long time has affected our body natural ability to maintain weight at a certain level resulting to excessive weight gain due to increased appetite and reduced activity level. Chemicals can also increase the chance of breast cancer by mimicking real estrogen and lower our ability to produce energy. 

Possible ways to reduce the impact of the factors 

Individuals should live in less polluted environments with adequate clean water for human consumption. The food that they consume should contain all the essential nutrients for the body. Exposure to chemicals through the food consumed or in the environment should be minimized. The government should develop legislation that governs air pollution. 

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