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The Case of Stan: A Timeline of the Events

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The session deals with the person-centered Therapy where it is evident it has got more commonalities with those contained in the existential perspective of counseling. One of the interesting things that I find out in this session is the fact that individuals are normally trustworthy and people develop their own ways to solve the problems that occur in life. It lays more emphasis on the client capacity for self healing which is a contrast to the majority of those involved in other counseling approaches. 

In the event that I was to Counsel Stan from this approach then I have to apply effective listening skills to know his part of the story. That calls for me to allow Stan more time to talk about events shaping his life without much probe. At the same time I have to respectful to his opinions and take a more mature approach so as to how I handle Stan. As a counselor I will take the counseling session to point whereby we talk like a father child relationship session. By so doing, I will be able to get trust, safety and grow a much better relationship within our counseling sessions. 

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Assuming that I was Stan position that is the clients then I have to respond to Jerry’s probes with much thought. It is vital to offer Jerry more information in a open approach since Jerry will also be taking time to listen. Have to answer all Jerry’s questions openly without any fear. Instead of fearing what Jerry will think about me I ought to take Jerry as a parent and talk openly about any issues affecting me. I will also take an approach of getting probing Jerry wherever I feel am not sure about the issues that Cherry wants to know from me. 

Case of Stan (Chapter 9) 

With behavior therapy the counselor focuses mainly on the observable characteristics and the current determinants of those characteristics. Some of the interesting things I find in this session are the fact that it is an effective and a viable substitute to psychoanalytic therapy. It takes various approaches such as the dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. All this approaches can be used by the counselor depending on the type or the circumstances that are affecting the client. It is also interesting to learn that experimentally driven principles for learning systematically can be used to change individual’s maladaptive behaviors. 

In the event that I was to counseling Stan from this particular theory then I will use the technique of relaxation training. Stan seems to have some issues with his anger, then will try to train him how to feel relaxed about his life problems with the aim of ensuring that he is able to reflect about his condition a more relaxed environment At the same time, there is the idea of dialect, whereby letting Stan talk about various subjects it will be possible to know those that elicit feelings of anger in him and how to better mange them. Jerry uses that at one point where will tell Stan to talk about his father and what comes out. If I was Stan in this session then would respond to Jerry probe in natural way. My tone ought to be exactly how it is to allow Jerry an opportunity to get exactly what he needs to know. Will take the as normal conversion so to fear on bringing out ant subject that is affecting my life. 

Case of Stan (Chapter 10) 

This session deals with the Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Some of the most interesting things noted in this theory are the number of the cognitive behavioral approaches that have been featured. They include, Albert Ellis’s rational emotive behavior therapy, that of Aaron T. and that used by Beck’s Cognitive therapy among others. Another interesting aspect is despite the many approaches they all have similar characteristics. The characteristics include, collaborative relationship that has to be between the client and the therapist, it uses the premise based on psychological distress that can be maintained through application of cognitive approaches, focus that is based on changing the cognitions so to get the desired outcomes and that which requires an active and direct stance by the counselor. 

In the event that I was to counselor Stan based on this theory then will have a direct eye contact with another. In that way, I will be able to know how he reacts to my probes and emotions that result out of my probes. The eye contact will enable me to know if the Stan is trying to hide something or there some issue he is not comfortable to deal with. If I was in a position of the client, then in answering to Stan probes I have also to maintain a direct eye contact. If there is anything makes to use emotions have to do it openly including my physical movements. 

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