10 Oct 2022


The Conflict Between Science and Religion

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Technology, as understood by people today is the comfort that has been brought up by applied science such as the internet, fast travelling, telephone connection and television technology. Technology and religion has been conflicting for a long time. Technologists’ beliefs on issues such as creation and evolution are contrary to what religion states. Basically, technologists’ view of the origin life is the bone of contention between religion and technology (Krishnananda, 2010). 

The conflict between science and religion began when scientists started explaining the origin of heavenly bodies back in the nineteenth century. Science claims that heavenly bodies such as the sun were formed by the burning of gases while biblical and traditional understanding of heavenly bodies states that earth is a foundation, and the sun, moon and stars rotate around the earth. Webber (2002) claims that in the twenty first century, the modern and young generation wants to make a difference in this world by the influence of modern science and technology not realizing that religion can play equal roles as those of science and technology. Just like the internet offers us all the comfort and entertainment we all need same case applies to religion; religious community helps us meet all the happiness and unmet needs in life. 

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Modern religious studies view technological advancements as positive and a good endeavor since they foster development in the communities. For instance in the United States of America, the modern church has brought a lot of development in projects such as building of more parishes, mission schools and hospitals. In conclusion, all believers are called upon to bring all the generation together; young, old and people from all walks of life. Therefore, both religion and technology should appreciate existence of nature and work to make the live of all creation better. 


Krishnananda, S. (2010. Is Modern Science a Challenge to Religion? Shree Mahalakshmi Temple ,    28

Webber, R. E. (2002).    The Younger Evangelicals: Facing the Challenges of the new World . Baker Books. 

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