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The Equality Party - Promoting Equality for All

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The party’s motto is mainly, ‘Equality to all.’ There is a progressive slope of nationalism when the party defends sovereignties and confronts imperial powers. However, when there is no dialectical balance with the problems of humanity expressed in the liberating tradition of internationalism, there is a risk of falling into outdated chauvinistic positions and this goes beyond an integrationist international policy. Our Pledge clearly states that "Equality Party is a political organization of citizens and citizens of organizations and movements that aim to fight for injustice, inequality, domination, oppression, social justice, solidarity, sovereignty, equality, and democracy with the aim of building the Socialism of Good Living.” 

The Equality Party wants: 

Climate and Environment 

Sweden has all the prerequisites to become a global leading country with better environmental and climate emissions decreases rapidly but it requires a new government that is determined to invest in the modernization of Sweden (Page & Dittmer, 2015). 

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The Equality Party want to: 

1. Implement a climate policy framework. The framework will ensure that Sweden reduces emissions at the pace needed for global sustainable development. 

2. Begin work for 100 percent of all electricity and heating in Sweden will come from renewable sources by 2030. During its term, the use of fossil fuels significantly reduce, several old nuclear reactors shut down, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources expanded. It will be more profitable to put up solar panels on the roof or a wind farm. 

3. To make it easier to travel in Swedish climate - Climate targets to steer the national plans for investment in infrastructure in the transport sector. Public transport's share of shipments will double. We will improve and expand both the national rail network as the regional rail traffic and start building tracks for high-speed trains. We want the state to regain control of track maintenance. 

4. Move long distance freight transport from road and air to rail and shipping. This leads to less pollution, fewer accidents, less congestion, and less wear and tear on the roads. 

School and Training 

All pupils should have the support and time needed to manage the school. The preschool should with a good education, care and play give children a good start (Leeper & Slothuus, 2014). 

The Equality Party want to: 

1. Reduce bureaucracy for teachers and hire more school so there will be more time for each student. To all students should be treated requires inter alia expansion of student health, school libraries staffed, more recreation, more special teachers and special education teachers as well as better access to educational and vocational guidance. 

2. Ensure that support is inserted in time. Today most of the special support is given in ninth grade. How late is it difficult for a student who has fallen behind to catch up. We want to introduce a reading-writing-arithmetic guarantee which ensures that the interventions put in as soon as a teacher discovers a need, right from pre-school classes. Teachers should have the right to prescribe additional support, without bureaucratic detours. 

3. Evaluate teachers as one of our most important professions. Teachers should have the right to higher wages, good working environment, and continuous professional development. The teacher should have time for spontaneous contacts with students and to prepare their lessons. 

4. Breaking school segregation - There should be good and bad schools - all schools should be fine. We want to see government collaboration with principals to improve the quality of schools with poor results. 

Law and Rights 

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. So begins the UN Declaration on Human Rights. But we are not there today. 

The Equality Party want to: 

Work for equal pay and break the gender segregation in the labor market. The action plan Graduates SSR, Municipal, Vision, LSR and Health Professionals has developed to become a reality (Bolin, Lidén, & Nyhlén, 2014). 

1. Focus on improving health and safety in female-dominated occupations such as nursing and care professions. Mental illness and sick leave among women in working life will be reduced. 

2. Sharing parental insurance in three equal parts, each parent takes their part and the third part may be freely distributed or transferred to someone else close to the child. That means two new "daddy months" during the next term. 

3. Combat men's violence. We need more prevention, more male receptions and better conditions for women's shelters work. All sex without consent should be illegal. Mandatory training for judges on sexual offenses and violence against women will be implemented. 

4. Introduce quotas for women on boards of listed companies. In the municipal companies will join the Green Party before and choose primarily women who our representatives. 

Economy and Labor 

Today's economy is too short-term and focused on material values. The economic gaps have grown and segregation has increased during the Alliance's time in power. The goal of the national economy should be to manage resources in a way that will benefit everyone's quality of life, environment and gender equality (Feltenius, 2015). 

The Equality Party wants to: 

1. Bridge the economic and social gaps in Sweden. Child poverty must be countered by including justice, security, preschool, and school without hidden charges, increased maintenance and tax deductions for single parents. 

2. Shorten the normal working hours by law and contract, so that more people have the opportunity to 35-hour work week. The climate requires that economic development is not levied on increased resource consumption, but increased time for socializing and community involvement. 

3. Regulate so that any gains in publicly funded welfare reinvested in the business and non-profit actors can be promoted. 

4. Favoring long-term investments at the expense of short-term speculation - We want to counter the increased household indebtedness. New dimensions of social development should be developed in addition to GDP also takes into account environmental and social factors. Ethical rules shall apply to placement of common equity, such as the AP funds (Rye, 2014). 


The above are some of the proposals made by our party. It only aspires to exist as long as it is necessary to solve the problems that concern us. We are forced to give birth to the conformist immobility of existing parties and we are convinced that the reforms we propose are indispensable to successfully confront the disintegration of the State, to achieve the defeat of terrorism without paying any political price, and above all to increase the freedom and equality of all of us (Widfeldt, 2016). We believe that these ideas and political objectives are not, in themselves, neither left nor right, but can be shared by all those who want the progress of our country, Spain, and a more free and egalitarian democracy that makes it possible. 


Bolin, N., Lidén, G., & Nyhlén, J. (2014). Do Anti-immigration Parties Matter? The Case of the Sweden Democrats and Local Refugee Policy.  Scandinavian Political Studies 37 (3), 323-343. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/1467-9477.12031 

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