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The Helping Process: Seven Stages for Effective Helping

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Many social work professionals use different intervention methods to help their clients. One of the theories that these professionals apply is called the helping process. This process has three distinct phases that the professionals use to help achieve goals in their careers. They include the assessment, planning, and implementation. The importance of these targets is that they make it possible for social workers to come up with effective intervention methods for helping. Therefore, each process is essential in helping the clients (Nunavik, 2015). For example, the professionals rely on the assessment process to get to know the problems that the customers face at a deeper length. The professional help the client to either acknowledge the existence of a problem or refute the same. 

The assessment stage is also the point when the professionals conduct effective case reviews to come up with effective intervention or diagnostic methods to help the client. The evaluation stage also makes it possible for the professional to compile the necessary report to be used later in the treatment process of the clients. It also makes it possible for the leaders to document their findings and make them available for use in future (Nunavik, 2015). Planning is the stage when the professional looks at the reports they have obtained from the case review with the clients. They also need to look at the documents and know the necessary steps to take in helping the customers. Implementation is the process when the professional uses the gathered information and the agreed upon method of intervention. At this stage, the professional involves client participation during the implementation of the treatment plan. 

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The strength-based approach is a client-centred method of intervention that aims to focus on future outcomes and strengths of the clients. The approach is important during the assessment stage in that it helps the professional involved to work together with the clients to know the problems and come up with the necessary methods for solving them (Nunavik, 2015). The approach is also very helpful during the planning stage because it enables the client to work together with the involved helper to plan for the procedures of intervention. For example, they decide on the method of response, the place or venue of the treatment, resources required during the process and well as an agreement on how long the intervention plan should take. 

Some of the ethical issues that need to be considered during the assessment process include factors such as informed consent and confidentiality. Thus, the professional must guarantee that they will keep the collected information secret between them and the client. They must also obtain informed consent to conduct the assessment. This stage also needs to consider factors such as self and client assessment. The planning process examines ethical issues such as knowing the values of the professional and those of the customer. For example, the professionals have to be careful not to impose their values on their customers and the vice versa. They also have to consider issues such as gender roles and identities (Corti, Day, & Backhouse, 2000). They also have to consider religious values of their clients and know they would affect the general outcome of the process. Some other ethical values that must be considered during the implantation process are the social, cultural, and personal values of the professional and the clients. 


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