22 Mar 2022


The Importance of a Healthy Brain

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Every person deserves not only to have a healthy body but also a healthy brain. Research shows that the brain plays important roles in the body of an individual. It is also common knowledge that people require a healthy brain to function well. One factor that leads to failure of proper brain activities is stroke. Stroke is a condition that paralyzes people and especially causes adverse effects on the brain. Once the brain is injured and becomes functionless, then a person is as good as dead. Therefore, if I was to suffer a stroke, then one injury that would profoundly affect my life is a brain injury that results from the stroke. 

One reason why a brain injury would greatly change my life is that I rely on my brain to do everything that has to do with my life. My brain is important in helping me coordinate every part of my body to perform all the various functions. For example, I rely on my brain to process every piece of information that my body receives. I use the brain to make sense of these pieces of information and other occurrences around me. My brain receives the information through different stimuli and processes them into meaningful data that I can use for various purposes. I also rely on my brain to use my senses to make a meaning out of the natural surroundings, understand, and respond to different activities that goes on in my life. My brain plays the important role in receiving information, processing it, and helping me make sense of them so that I may know the right area to use them.

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Another reason why a severe brain injury would completely ruin my life is that I rely on my brain to think. My life, as well as every person's life, depends on the brain's ability to think before doing anything. I use my brain to think when studying, making important decisions that affect my life, and the life of the people around me. I also use my brain to think of all the necessary solutions that we must rely on to help us prosper in my organization. Consequently, I rely on my brain to think and find solutions to every problem that affects all the parts of my life.

I also rely on my brain for better memory. My memory helps me to remember things that have happened in my life so that I can function well. I also rely on my memory to make better decisions so that I do of repeat previous mistakes. A brain injury will impair my memory; hence, hinder my ability to perform well in my life. A brain injury will also impair my ability to make quick decisions when faced with problems. I will also be unable to make responses to situations quickly and react effectively to various problems. Listening is an art that every person needs to master to provide better results in all areas of life.

Listening should be coupled with the ability to concentrate so that I can make wise decisions. These activities will not be possible with an injured brain. On the same note, I need to use my brain to make calculated moves when doing activities such as driving and exercising and moving from one position to another. I also need my brain for coordination and practical thinking to get things done. Without a properly functioning brain, I will not be able to achieve all these and other goals in my life. The brain is therefore an important facet on the body. It controls all the activities taking place within ourselves and also on the surroundings. 

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