5 Jan 2023


The Key Drivers of Globalization

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Question 1 

Information technology has been a key driver of globalization because of its myriad contributing facets. The major facet that has major contribution to globalization is telecommunication systems and information technology. It has enabled effective, fast and secure sharing of information across the world. With the expanded and advanced technology in communication system, information can be easily sent to any part of the world. The technological development has also led to improvement in communication network facilitating the exchange of ideas, resources, goods and services, regardless of the geographical locations ( Applegate & Mason 2011). 

Question 2 

The two ways that information technology innovation has increased the efficiency of business operations are 

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Improvement of delivering of services to customers. In general, modern business organizations take pride on being customer-oriented and customer focused, and, therefore, has spent much to ensure that their frontline staff are top in customer service delivery in terms of improving efficiency and service delivery through advanced information technology infrastructure and technologies. 

Information technology innovation has facilitated diverse range of channels for processing data such as web analytics, CRM, customer feedback, industry data and inventory control, which improves development and at the same time a basis of critical strategic decision making. It also facilitates cost effective implementation of development options. 

Question 3 

One of application of information technology in health and medicine is computerized capturing, processing and storage of patient’s health information. This process has drastically reduced the time taken in processing and retrieving such information and at the same time ensured security with utmost confidentiality. Another application of IT in health and medicine is telemedicine, where the patient’s medical information can be captured remotely and sent to a specialist located in a different place for diagnosis. 

Question 4 

The two ways in which information technology has offered educational opportunities in developing county are: 

The presence of digital library where students in schools which do not have financial capabilities of buying various books can only subscribe some small amount and access unlimited learning materials such as books, journals, blogs and online periodic 

The presence of online learning program where the learner does not necessary need to be attending class everyday physically. One can learn through teleconferencing where the lecturer teaches in front of a camcorder and the information transmitted to various locations. 


Applegate, L. M., & Mason, R. O. (2011). Information Technology and Globalization. In International Conference on Information Systems

Kozma, R. B., & Voogt, J. (2013). Technology, innovation, and educational change: a global perspective: a report of the Second Information Technology in Education Study, Module 2 . ISTE (Interntl Soc Tech Educ. 

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