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The Life of Hagar in the Stone Angel

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One of the dreams that Hagar of Stone Angel had was the will to keep living. She knew that she was ninety years old and had no time to live longer. Similarly, she realized that she still had many unfulfilled dreams that she needed to take care of. Therefore, she decided to hope to live longer. Hagar went through a stage of denial to keep her mind off the fact that she would soon die. She also developed a fist of anger and decided to blame the world for her inability to do things on her own, but instead rely on others to assist her. 

From a young age, Hagar had the dream to succeed and live the most successful life. To achieve this dream, she decided to pursue education and gained success. She was also ambitious and knew she had to work hard to succeed in life. She was lucky to have been born in a family where her father valued education. Therefore, her father took her to school, and she became affluent in the society. 

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The character Hagar in the novel ‘The Stone Angel’ also dreamed of being a conqueror. She imagined not only conquering life but other things in general. She overcame the looming future of suffering and poverty by going to school to get a better education and hence a good job. She also got married to a widower who was well off. Hagar also conquered her inability to show emotions by apologizing to Marvin on her deathbed, when she acknowledged that she was frightened. She also told Marvin that he had been good to her. She was also determined not to be dependent on anyone even when she was old and feeble. 

Therefore, Hagar decided to send most of her remaining life doing things for herself. She also flees into a house in Shadow Point not only to defeat death but also to prove to people that she is healthy enough to care for herself and therefore does not need anyone’s help or pity. She also dreamed of changing how her husband behaved. According to her, the husband had rude and unexpected manners and only embarrassed her. She also dreamed and hoped that her son Marvin would change to be a better person. She also hoped to be stable and civilized even in her old age. This was portrayed in her daily life of free will, dignity, and independence. 

Hagar went about accomplishing her dream of dependence by running away from her home and moving into Shadow Point to prove to people that when was capable of taking care of herself and hence did not need support from anyone. On the same note, she decides to be free-willed or free spirited and has dignity by not accepting help from other people even though they were willing to help her in her old age. 

In her aim to change her husband’s ways and manner, she ended up embarrassing her son John and Doris who was her daughter in law. Similarly, Hagar continually blamed her son Marvin for not being the best or good to her. She only looked at the bad things that he did but failed to recognize the fact that Marvin was the real son after all.

By studying the book, it can be said that some of Hagar’s dreams were mere fantasies while other were achievable. For example, the first wrong dream was to live in daydreaming that she did not need the help of any person. In her dream, she felt that showing emotions was very wrong. This thought was wrong because it is psychologically healthy to show emotions. Secondly, it was the wrong idea because she ended up isolating herself from the people who loved her. 

One achievable dream was the hope to defeat life and to accomplish every other ambition that she had not fulfilled in her life. This dream was good because people are always advised to endeavour to accomplish all their dreams before they can depart from the world. Good mannered and well-behaved people are a company that everyone wants to have. Therefore, the dream that Hagar had about changing her husband manners was partly wrong and partly right. It was wrong because Hagar ended up embarrassing herself and her son in the process of trying to change her husband. 

On the contrary, it was right because it is always good to aim to help people change their ways that might not make them live the best life. Similarly, her dream to live the best live and overcome or conquer poverty was a right idea. Even in the current day and age, may people still live in abject poverty because they fail to acquire the best education to help them land a job or start a business that will make them live better lives. Thus, Hagar’s ability to go to school and live better live was worth the while. 

Similarly, another aspect that makes the dream to conquer life as a good idea was the fact that she overcame her pride, dignity, and free will spirit to recognize the good in other people and the bad in her. For example, she realized that Marvin was the good son after all. She was also able to understand that she would never escape death and hence required someone to take care of her. She also noted that she was frightened and that death would eventually defeat her.

Hagar wanted to be in total control of her destiny. She wanted to show people that expressing emotions was a major weakness of humanity. Similarly, she also aimed to prove to the rest of the world that even old people could be independent and would live without the support from other people. Hagar also wanted to show others that it is possible to change how people behaved. Hagar also wanted to show people that it was okay to have bigger dreams and that people had to rely on education and hard work to overcome issue such as poverty. 

Some of her accomplishments lie in the fact that she managed to conquer her fears. She led to realize that showing emotions promoted healthy relationships between people. She also accomplished the need to show emotions and recognize the good in people around her. She also learnt and accepted the fact that no matter how far she ran, she would never conquer death. On the other hand, Hagar accomplished her will not to flee her home country but instead rely on the people to help her. Another accomplishment was her ability to go to school and be an educated person with a career. In this case, she was able to overcome poverty and help them earn a living. Thus, some of the things that Hagar wanted were of value. For example, she managed to finish schooling and was able to live a life that was not in abject poverty. She also accomplished different worthwhile things such as completing college. She also managed to recognize the good in people and was accepting and friendly to most. However, she failed to conquer death but instead gave into mortality.

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