19 Aug 2022


The Relationship Between Language and Music Understanding

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I firmly agree that language is never direct or preferably black and white, and Christy says that it comprises several dialects. In most cases, the idiom is used to create a universal language. Some words are shared among the users of different dialects to refer to something, the same way in all those dialects, and multiple other terms are used differently in the various users of an idiom. These are some of the aspects that make languages easy to misunderstand unless one has a background understanding of what the terminology means, a misunderstanding is most likely to appear. The same thing applies to music, where music is all about perspective and the emotional part attached to the singer's message. 

The main reason why there are misunderstandings on the language and music is that that is not part of the ordinary language or theme we have been consuming or hearing. Secondly, we miss the background or rather the main reason behind the creation of the music, or we completely lack an understanding of the meaning of the language being used. 

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Any music created has a baseline story that inspired the creation. The story or the message may touch many people since they can relate or rather understand the singer's language until you can understand why the piece was created, misjudging the music will be very easy. I strongly concur with Christy Music as a universal language because it communicates emotions that most people will relate to since they are in similar life positions, which makes it beautiful. It is also true that everyone is capable of judging any music they hear. However, I'm afraid I disagree that music is not a language because music can unite souls and people in similar situations. For example, a piece is created under the influence of a heartbreak experience, which encourages people in similar situations. 

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