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The Role of Music in Peoples’ Life

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Music plays a fundamental role in reshaping the thinking and the mindset of humanity. Music has always been perceived since the dawn of time to motivate, educate, inform, and relieve stress and all sorts of anxiety disorders for humanity. Ideally, music is intended to educate people through the presentation of messages that positively impact the livelihood of people (Burland & Davidson, 2017). The fact that human experience several challenges based on their daily experiences and interaction with people with diverse personalities means that music comes out as a solid foundation for giving people hope of living to see the next day.

Music is also intended to inform people about the trends in human civilization, and even in some cases, the impending danger based on the choices and behaviors. For instance, music has always been used as a platform to express the dangers that come with human civilization, such as overindulgence in substance and drug abuse and an increased level of prostitution that exposes people to viruses and diseases (Gao, 2017). Besides, music has always been used as a technique for demystifying the essentiality of developmental psychology based on the fact that it helps relieve stress and pressures in life. An increased level of psychosocial issues and all sorts of anxiety disorders that compromise the productivity and the potential of humanity in life could be alleviated just through listening to music.

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I experienced the essentiality of music and the role it plays in peoples' lives in my teenage years, especially as an active listener. Given the fact that people in their teenage years are always in constant conflict with accepting the reality that success in life comes with absolute patience and determination to do good in society, music comes out as one the platforms for encouraging the growth-mindset culture. Hence, music played a significant role in helping me learn the hardest realities and challenges that come with human civilization. It is quite apparent to note that human civilization comes with all sorts of reprehensible behaviors that could either misguide or educate the youths, especially teenagers. Music is quite often understood in the context of fairy tales in which all sorts of nasty behaviors include a visual presentation of naked bodies and display of overindulgence to excessive alcohol consumption, among other drugs (Koehler, F., & Neubauer, 2019). Hence, the dilemma lies in whether teenagers would learn from the exposure that comes with dirty music or succumb to the adverse influence of music.

I usually listen to music upon the completion of classes and a part-time job every evening when I return home. Country music is my favorite music. Ideally, music has played a significant role in helping me define my sense of identity to others. The need for a person to apply a growth mindset, explore and find his or her potential in life dwells on the implementation of the messages passed through listening to music (Burland & Davidson, 2017). However, it is quite imperative to inform the fact that some musicians may misguide the public based on the content that they release to people. In such cases, the application of intelligence is a requisite platform to rescue a person from the lies and misguided opinions that come from music.

Ultimately, the kind of music that a person listens to plays a significant role in understanding the identity and the mindset of such a person. People tend to embrace what best suits their interests and expectations in life (Koehler, F., & Neubauer, 2019). Hence, the decision to select a specific type of a song or music defines the behavior and outlines the sense of self-actualization of a person.


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