27 May 2022


The Relationship between Parent and Child Dysfunctional Beliefs about Sleep and Child Sleep

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The relationship between parents and their children is crucial for their early development. It is extremely important that they understand their children’s needs and how to approach them appropriately. The article presents various ways that aim at helping these parents to understand child sleep and sleep related problems. In presenting the parents as objects of similar issues, the article encourages a fresh approach to an important dealing. For such early stages as those of the children involved in the research, parents ought to consider possible red flags in the life of their young ones (Ashlem, Helen & Jennifer, 2012). While the article does not mention this directly, it implies it when it makes mention of causes of parasomnias such as nightmares and insomnia. In children, sleep disorders can be caused by depression, aggression, illness or other psychological indicators. Parents should take these symptoms seriously and encourage their children to open up to them more. Seeing as the experiment in the research used children as young as 12, makes it clear that there is need to have a proper understanding of child sleep and sleep related problems by parents. Clearly, how they interpret events in these children’s lives is important for solutions to the same occurrences. 

While the article presents the real problems at hand in child sleep and related problems, it does not provide sufficient solutions to these problems. In discussion, the article presents a parental perspective in which it claims impact on the child’s life. Children are easily affected and influenced by their parents’ behavior and beliefs (Ashlem, Helen & Jennifer, 2012). On the other hand, the situation does affect parental ability and the parent's thoughts about themselves as they wonder how best to deal with the issue at hand. They struggle with thoughts in an attempt to provide the best care even when it means denying these little ones the attention they need. It is a complete dilemma for parents as well. Should the parent view their children as abnormal, then these same children are likely to view themselves in a similar manner, leading them to have to deal with low esteem issues, precipitated by their sleep disorders (Ashlem, Helen & Jennifer, 2012). Ignoring the child may appear helpful but it is also a tough call. At the end of the day, parents and children are left in difficult situations. In the event that parents review their own dysfunctional beliefs about sleep disorders and their children’s sleep, then these parents encourage a healthier and more effective approach to this problem. Evidently the issue at hand requires an in depth approach in formulating the correct approach (Ashlem, Helen & Jennifer, 2012). The article expounds through research and results, the impact of parental reactions to child sleep by dysfunctional beliefs on the same. The results show that parents do react to their children’s sleep related problems in the same manner they react to their own problems. Where parents suffer from insomnia and other forms of parasomnias, they suffer frustration from their inability to control their situation. The article provides a well detailed statistical approach as to why parent dysfunctional perception of their children’s sleep and sleep related problems. 

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The article's methodology is commendable even though its sample can be viewed as too small for accurate results. Conclusively, it has provided more, and yet albeit, insufficient solutions for parental reaction to sleep disorders in children. It also provides a good explanation to why parent children sleep relationship are affected by their dysfunctional beliefs about sleep. It really is a deep connection that pivots upon the parental ability to carry out thorough research and feedback from psychology along with maintaining strong relations and monitorial these children closely for any red flags in their general life. 


Ashlem S, Helen. D. & Jennifer H. (2012). The Relationship Between Parent and Child Dysfuntional Bleiefs about Sleep and Child Sleep. Springer Science Busines Media LLC , 827-835. 

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