30 Apr 2022


The role of art in our lives and how digital technology impacts it

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I plan to research and write about the role of art in our lives. It is a very interesting and rich topic because art, as a field, has grown even more relevant in the lives of human beings than it was long time ago. Today, everything people do in life is influenced by art in one way or another. I find it a very significant topic for my term, paper. The other specific issue that my term paper will address is the way digital technology continues to affect art. Modern art has significantly transformed with the development of digital technology. For instance, traditional art was done using the medium of oil on canvas, but today photography has emerged and advanced the field of art. Now it is quite possible to capture many details about the object using a camera. Therefore, researching and writing about the effect of digital technology on art is very interesting and significant.

Some of the information that I intend to provide include the significance of art as an educational tool. Art is used to give lessons about past history to the society. Through paintings and photography, people are able to learn about various moments in history including the nature of the world. Therefore, art connects people to the past and provides a basis for predicting the future trends in life. It is a medium of communication in the modern society. It is vital to understand that images speak a million words. Photographs and paintings are used to communicate specific messages to the viewers. The viewers see the artwork and interpret it to understand the message of the artist. I also intend to provide information about the way digital technology has made art to be more relevant and effective in the lives of people with the introduction of photography. 

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