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The Top 10 Arguments Against Global Warming

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Evidently, global warming is one of the hot topics in today’s global platform (Philander, 2012) . The debate over the issue has attracted various viewpoints from different quarters. Although many people consider global warming as the biggest issue facing the world conteporarily, others only consider global warming as a climate shift that took place in the early 90’s and which has disappeared since those years. Notably, those who believe global warming is a reality have scientific reasons to back their arguments while those against it disregard any scientific or theoretical explanation to justify its existence. On this basis, it is critical to understand the issue of global warming to mitigate the challenges that are posed by it. For this reason, the following essay seeks to discuss arguments for and against global warming, including their strengths and weaknesses. 

Arguments for the Existence of Global Warming 

Over the years, scientists have argued for the existence of global warming where they have claimed that the climatic changes provide enough evidence such as the change in the levels of gasses in the ocean and the atmosphere (Green, 2012) . Accordingly, the actual rise in the temperatures is an aspect that scientists say they can document, though the primary evidence is generated from detecting what comes before the rise of the temperature (Philander, 2012) . In this regard, one of the strongest arguments for global warming is the rise in the sea levels witnessed in most parts of the world. Notably, scientists argue that the rise of the sea level is partially attributed to the melting of ice caps as well as glaciers, but mostly due to the changes that take place in the gasses within the sea. According to statistics, in the last one century, the global sea levels have risen about 6.7 inches, which is a significant margin. 

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Further, the increase in the average temperature of the earth has been another argument that supports the existence of the global warming (Philander, 2012) . According to the scientists, the rise of temperature has continued from the last one and half centuries. After tracking the global temperature since the 1800s, scientists argue that there has been a stronger rise in the 70s, which became lulled in the 90s, before 2000s where the rising pattern returned. 

Thirdly, scientists have argued that the increase in the ocean temperature has been attributed to the global warming phenomenon (Green, 2012) . According to scientific studies, it has been found that the increased number of industries and vehicles has led to the emission of greenhouse gasses which get trapped in the atmosphere (Philander, 2012) . Apparently, the increased heat in the atmosphere is being absorbed by the world’s oceans. Since 1969, there is a clear documentation of the temperature which has shown a steady rise. 

Another argument for the existence of global warming is the shrinking glaciers (Green, 2012) . According to widespread studies, glaciers from different mountains across the world, such as Greenland and Antarctica have decreased due to the reduction of gasses that help these mountains to maintain their temperatures which is attributable to the climatic changes in those regions of the world. 

Finally, there has been an argument from scientists that ocean acidification has also increased due to global warming (Philander, 2012) . According to this argument, the increase in the acid levels has made oceans to become more acidic thus interfering with the marine ecosystem. The primary cause of ocean acidification has been attributed to the emission of more harmful gasses in the atmosphere by human beings, which is then being absorbed by the oceans. The results of such acidification are the increase of algae blooms, the death of fish, and the changing chemical composition of water. 

Argument against Existence of Global Warming- 

Although there have been strong arguments by scientists in supporting the existence of global warming, some scholars do not believe in its existence and have provided counter-arguments to support their stance on this issue (Philander, 2012) . For example, a number of scientists believe that there has been no significant or prolonged temperature changes since 1997 (Robinson, 2008) . According to this argument, since the 90s, there has not been a significant change in temperature that could support the argument for the existence of global warming. The temperature upswing only took place from 1975 to 1997, but since then the world temperature has been flat. 

In addition, there is no enough data to support global warming (Green, 2012) . Since there is no agreement even among the major stakeholders regarding the issue of global arming, it is convincingly incorrect to say that global warming is real. The lack of consensus has resulted in a lack of enough data to provide irrefutable proof of global warming existence. 

In another argument, some note that since 2012, the Arctic Ice has increased by fifty percent. Consequently, it would be incorrect to suggest that the ice in some of the world's largest maintains has reduced drastically (Philander, 2012) . Therefore, according to these line of thought, the argument that global warming has caused ice caps to melt for many years is not correct. 

At the same time, some have argued that the climate models used have proved to be unreliable. Consequently, the climate model calculations that have been used in predicting the global warming are flawed which forms the basis of the existence of disputable long term predictions. 

Strengths and Weaknesses 

Based on the arguments provided by both sides, it is evidently clear that the observations made by those supporting the existence of global warming are strong enough to be reliable. For example, it is clear that the effects of the rise of sea level have been felt in different parts of the world. The floods, for instance, have been experienced by different countries due to higher sea levels. On the other hand, the fishes have reduced in some parts of the world, thus supporting the acidification argument. Further, it is simple to know if the amount of ice and glacier in the mountains has reduced. In Africa, the largest mountains such as Mount Kilimanjaro have recorded a tremendous reduction of its ice caps, which can be partly due to the rise in temperature (Green, 2012) . The only weakness is that although there is enough proof of global warming, scientists need to provide more reliable means. 

On the other hand, the arguments against the existence of global warming are weak in that they fail to provide their scientific evidence to disapprove the other claims. For example, individuals who are against global warming agree that there was a rise in temperature for seven years, but they fail to explain what attributed the rise in temperatures. At the same time, if there is no enough data to prove the existence of global warming, there is also no enough data to prove that the issue is not real. At a personal level, this line of thought by individuals who are against the existence of global warming is flawed and has no basis. 


In reference to the above argument, this paper concludes that global warming is real. Therefore, all stakeholders need to take necessary actions to mitigate the threats. 


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